Chapter 54, The Picked-Up Marshal Title

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The President Kazari, feeling deceived, naturally had no intention of tolerating the Sardinians' impertinent clamor. Even if he were willing to provide aid, where could he possibly find food now?

The common people had only a little bit of food left, and it wouldn't be long before they turned to the provisional government for help. Only a portion of the nobility and capitalists still had food supplies, and even theirs were not abundant.

After all, who stockpiles a heap of grain at home when they are not in the business of dealing with food?

If there had been any, the Austrian army would have already come knocking to requisition it. Since the Austrians were unpopular here anyway, they didn't need to worry about adverse effects.

In any case, these food supplies were beyond President Kazari's reach, and frankly, the provisional government was nothing more than a makeshift troupe, hardly recognized as legitimate by anyone.