Chapter 47, The First Italian-Austrian War Breaks Out

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

On March 27, 1848, the Vienna Government announced the abolition of local tariffs and prohibited local governments from collecting tariffs under any name. The Hungarian representatives in Vienna stormed out on the spot.

Don't be surprised, though the Hungarians had proposed the abolition of local tariffs as a condition, they had demanded that Austria unilaterally rescind them, not that Hungary would also give up collecting tariffs from Austria.

Otherwise, there would have been no need for debate on this matter. As early as the Maria reforms in 1795, the abolition of local tariffs had been suggested, and by 1848, other places had already abolished them.

Due to the obstruction of interest groups, this tariff was prolonged in Hungary. The truth of the matter and the propaganda to the outside world were two different concepts entirely; the art of writing history to suit one's purposes was equally applicable in Europe.