Chapter 35, Another Deal

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The sudden economic crisis had the already tempest-tossed Sultan Government struggling to find its footing even more so.

Despite the Ottoman Empire still being an agricultural state, the withdrawal of capital by England and France dealt them a heavy blow.

Out of necessity, the Sultan Government was forced to make concessions, with the only issue being money.

Fuad strived in negotiation, "Count, your offer is too low. There's no land so cheap anywhere in the world!"

Johannes replied calmly, "Your Excellency, please don't be anxious. Our offer is based on the international market prices for large comprehensive land transactions.

Not long ago, we were negotiating with the Russians who were considering selling Alaska, more than one and a half million square kilometers of land. The Tsarist Government only quoted a price of 4 million Divine Shield, our offer is already quite sincere."