Chapter 31, Debt Crisis

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While pressuring the Ottoman Government, the African colonies also began to take action. There was no need to deploy troops from the homeland; this time, they only aimed to establish a base along the coast of Nigeria, and the colonial forces were sufficient.

Not everyone knew that the Indian uprising would continue. In the eyes of many, the British would easily quash the rebellion once they responded.

Under this guiding principle, the Vienna Government acted swiftly and decisively, taking the opportunity to devour the prey first.

In this era, Africans suffered from a severe fear of whites, and the Austrian army quickly defeated several native tribes and established immigrant settlements.

Colonel Nikos commanded, "Quick, fortify the fortifications, the enemy's counterattack is imminent."

A young officer asked in confusion, "Colonel, is such caution really necessary? Isn't it just a native kingdom? Can't we just go and eradicate them?"