Chapter 30: Restoring Confidence in the Market?

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In Vienna Bolton Manor, more than a dozen well-dressed dignitaries gathered together. Despite their attempts to control it, they couldn't conceal the nouveau riche aura that they exuded.

A middle-aged man dressed in extravagant clothes hesitantly asked, "Mr. Owen, can these bumpkins really be of use? Even if we provide them with weapons, a rabble won't make much of a difference, right?"

The atmosphere in the room was somewhat oppressive. The dignified man sitting at the head of the table slowly stood up and, with a slight smile and deliberate speech, said:

"Mr. Love, relying on them alone won't suffice! But it's not just us who want a revolution in Austria at this time!

Has everyone felt the extent of the damage this economic crisis has inflicted on Austria?

It could be said that capitalists at all eight levels in Austria have suffered severe losses, with hundreds of thousands left unemployed.