Chapter 17: West African Conflict

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As the year 1856 began, Franz received some excellent news, the Empress was pregnant. Now, the entire Vienna Court revolved around Princess Helen's rotation, with the new heir to the Habsburg dynasty being of utmost importance to everyone.

Sometimes Franz couldn't help but think, what if it's a princess? Of course, that didn't mean he disliked daughters, but politically, he needed an heir.

Although there was a precedent of female rulers in the Habsburg dynasty, it didn't mean conservative Austria was ready to accept another Empress.

Ever since Princess Helen became pregnant, Empress Sophie had become anxious. In those times, being pregnant was like walking through the gates of death, and one could not be too careful.

"Franz, now that Helen is pregnant, you must maintain a certain distance from her. Being too intimate can affect the safety of the fetus. You understand what I'm saying, right?"