Chapter 137: The New Vienna System

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The Vienna Conference began, with delegations from various countries forming alliances and displaying their talents.

Russia and France attempted to partition the remaining land of the Balkan Peninsula, and naturally, the excluded John Bull was not willing to be left out, pulling the Ottoman Empire into a posture ready for war.

The British threats did not frighten the Russians. After all, they held Constantinople and could blockade the Bosphorus Strait. Should both sides fall out, the British Naval Fleet in the Black Sea would be trapped like fish in a barrel.

With hostages in hand, the mighty bear was full of confidence. As a land power, offending the British was the extent of it. The vast and resource-rich bear could afford such a break, even if it came down to a complete split.

The French government hesitated first, not because Napoleon III was afraid of fighting the British. In fact, for such a trifle, it was practically impossible for a war to erupt between them.