Chapter 133: To Each Their Own Needs

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"Someone has died over here!"

"Quick, remove the body and arrange for cremation as soon as possible!"


In the midst of shouting, there was also a sense of numbness and despair. With large numbers of people dying every day, everyone had grown numb to the constant deaths.

Unlike previous casualties among the injured, this time it was an epidemic, one that even medical personnel were not spared from, to the extent that a French brigadier general also entered the crematorium.

Safety protections? Unfortunately, the protective measures of this era were extremely primitive; they couldn't even accomplish basic disinfection.

In a corner of the quarantine area, the moans of the sick could be heard from time to time. This place had become a land feared by everyone, where medical staff hurriedly distributed medicine each day before quickly leaving.

Check on the condition of patients? That was out of the question. How many doctors did the French Army even have?