Chapter 128: The Path of Colonization

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The refugee crisis in the Balkan Peninsula went unnoticed by the outside world, even though many media outlets reported on it, it was merely a brief mention.

People tend to ignore issues that do not concern them directly. This is universal, and in this era, the Ottomans did not have a good reputation among Europeans.

Ottomans were almost seen as synonymous with barbarism, and being non-Christians, they were regarded as having no human rights.

Of course, no one could pay much attention, as people were struggling to feed themselves; who would have the inclination to worry about the fate of the Ottomans?

Franz was happy with the lack of external interest. The sort of hypocritical leftists who preach without understanding, akin to those of later times, were still in their infancy and lacked influence.

Everyone's eyes were on Constantinople and the Crimea Peninsula. The Near Eastern War had reached a stage where speed was of the essence for both sides.