Chapter 110, Scheming

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In a manor in Paris, a nobility banquet was taking place. In an inconspicuous corner, British Foreign Minister Thomas and Russian Foreign Minister Carl-Wassell gathered together.

If word of this got out, the front page headline of the Paris newspapers could be reserved in advance.

Carl-Wassell frowned and asked, "Mr. Thomas, you didn't invite me over just to drink, did you?"

Originally, he was busy flirting with noble ladies at the party, enjoying himself thoroughly until Thomas, who had sought him out, interrupted the fun—unsurprisingly souring his mood.

In discussions, Carl-Wassell didn't believe there was anything worth talking about with the English. Besides, the setting was all wrong; the attempted secrecy was like trying to hide an affair by covering one's ears—a clear invitation for the Austrians to discover what was happening.

Thomas responded cheerfully, "Mr. Carl-Wassell, don't you think Austria has become a bit too powerful after annexing the South German Region?"