Chapter 11: Austria's Economic Circle Plan

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While the civil service examination was causing a stir, the Austrian Army in the Papal State—bade farewell by Pope Pius IX—embarked on their journey home.

Having just assumed the presidency, and desiring to make his presence felt by intervening in the Papal State, Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte had no choice but to regretfully abandon the idea.

The Austrian Army had already completed their task, and Pope Pius IX had no intention of changing his allegiance. If the French Army were to proceed, it would be an invasion.

If the Austrian troops hadn't left, perhaps Pius IX would have sought to balance them with the French, but now that the withdrawal had begun, why would he cause himself unnecessary trouble?

History took a turn here, as the French were unable to extend their influence into the Italian Area by taking advantage of the military action in the Papal State. Austria maintained its influence over the Italian countries.