Chapter 108, The Diplomatic Tactics of John Bull

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Palace of Versailles

British Foreign Minister Thomas said to Napoleon III, "Your Majesty, the Russian-Austrian Alliance poses too great a threat to us. Since the outbreak of the Near East War, if it were not for Austria's support, the Russians would have collapsed early on.

Now the opportunity has come. The Austrians want to unify the Germany Region, and the Russians will certainly oppose it.

Looking at the current situation, the Vienna Government has made concessions, agreeing to support the Russians in obtaining Constantinople, in exchange for Russian support of their annexation of the South German Region.

This seemingly mutually beneficial deal has encountered problems in implementation. The Russians were unable to take Constantinople, yet Austria has swallowed the South German Region whole.

There will definitely be many within the Tsarist Government who do not wish to see Austria's plans realized, so their support for Austria will inevitably be limited.