Chapter 105: Come to Nothing

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No matter what, the British Government was an obstacle that could not be circumvented. Since the process of German unification was halted by the joint opposition of the nations, Prime Minister Felix had turned his route to London.

Actually, the plan for joint intervention had been underway for a while, and the fact that it could be dragged out until an agreement was reached with the South German States was thanks to the Russians holding things back.

In this respect, the Tsarist Government was still very credible, of course, the public relations fees spread out by Austria had also played a role.

Otherwise, it was estimated that just as they were wrapping things up with the Kingdom of Saxon, this joint declaration would have appeared, and then it would have been very difficult for Austria to proceed with the rest of the plan.

Unable to establish a fait accompli, dealing with it at the negotiating table, achieving these goals was almost impossible.