Chapter 1, The Tsar Wants to Abolish Serfdom

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January 1, 1855, was a day worth commemorating in European history; on this day, "The Four-Nation Convention" officially came into effect, and the European Continent entered the era of the new Vienna System.

In accordance with the treaty's stipulations, each nation began to fulfill its respective duties and obligations. The British soldiers who had "strayed" into the Serbia region also began to be sent back home.

Originally, these British soldiers could have left when the negotiations began, but having stayed in the Serbia region for so long, they had not been idle.

Although the London Government paid for their living expenses, the soldiers had no pocket money, as the London bureaucracy wouldn't send their pay over.

Austria only disarmed them but didn't restrict their freedom of movement. Apart from their fixed lodging and meals, they could roam anywhere within a few kilometers, with taverns being their favorite spots.