125th Chapter: Ironclad Ship

Translator: 549690339

When the Near Eastern War broke out, other regions of the world were also in turmoil. England, France, and Russia started fighting, which made the Americans across the ocean feel like an opportunity had arrived.

First, there was trouble in Cuba, which received a slap from the Spaniards, suffered a rebuff, and then faced warnings from England and France, forcing it to shrink back and lie low.

However, the Americans were not disheartened. In July 1853, they created the Black Ships incident in Japan, using force to intimidate and coerce the Shogunate government into accepting their terms and signing the Japan-US Kanagawa Treaty.

According to the nature of great powers, naturally, they wouldn't just watch the United States swallow Japanese interests alone. So, they all joined in one after the other, with countries like England, France, and the Netherlands taking the lead in forcing the Shogunate to sign similar treaties.