46 Chapter 44: Three Kunoichi

That evening, at the family dinner, Temari was unusually quiet, she did not even ask her son about his success in the academy. However, Shikadai was only glad of such luck and tried not to attract her attention himself. Shikamaru did not appear again, but this time the kunoichi for some reason was not angry, the guy was a little surprised, but he did not show it, because in extreme cases he could also get it.

"In my opinion, now she is even worse than yesterday ..." - Shikadai swallowed, continuing to accelerate the rate of absorption of food from the bowl. His mother's pensive and slightly gloomy face frightened him in earnest. He remembered well how recently he was forced to work around the house for almost a week without a breath! The last thing he wanted to do was repeat it.

Even if the father is to blame, let him figure it out! Shikadai had long vowed never to marry.

"I don't even need such good posthumously!"

It even became easier without her husband at Temari's family dinner. She used to be angry, but not today.

After feeding her son, the girl went to bed late. She still couldn't forget what had happened.

"And why did it turn out like this ..." - suddenly her body began to glow again and Temari bit her lip in anger:

- Hell! - Throwing away the pillow, she covered her embarrassed face with her hands. She couldn't believe what had happened. The worst thing is that for the first time in many years she realized the truth - it turned out that she was not at all one of those frigid women! Sex with her husband was so bad that after the birth of her son, Temari simply stopped this nonsense. He did not give pleasure, but rather caused only pain and discomfort. She completely went into herself and into work. Then Temari was just sure that sex was not for her. Nothing excited her, only before the wedding she still felt at least something, and after - just nothing! How could it have turned out this way ... What's the matter? Could it be that it was all about the man ... She always treated them with contempt, and it all started with Shikamaru, who was always disappointing. Temari even spoke to them with obvious annoyance. But, she could not even think that everything was so bad ...

"This is just nonsense ... If his fingers are so good, then how much ..." - confident and pleasant actions of Naruto, even his giant ...

- Bastard!

Quite quickly, all the accumulated anger splashed out.

- Argh! - only after breaking a bunch of furniture, Temari finally calmed down.

That night, Shikadai was sitting in his room in a cold sweat, for the first time in his memory, his mother was so angry!

Earlier, a similar, slightly weird, family dinner was being held at Yamanaka's house. Today, Ino seemed too quiet, it was completely different from her. She usually always started a conversation or asked her son about her studies. But, now all her thoughts were walking in another place. That morning moment never left her mind ...

His words, his look, and that strange feeling all over his body ...

- Mom, are you okay? The pale-faced handsome guy asked anxiously. Inojin learned the best from his mother and father. So don't dress like a boy, he could definitely be mistaken for a cute girl.

Ino thoughtfully fingered her chopsticks.

- It's okay, - smiling, she raised her lovely eyes:

- I'm just tired. I need to sleep.

Getting up, the girl took her dishes and went to the kitchen. A mixture of passion and guilt flickered in her eyes, as if she was trying to decide something for herself. However, Sai and Inojin did not notice this. The son finally decided to talk to his father, and they just chatted.

That night, Ino also fell asleep late, replaying that strange moment with Naruto in her head. She didn't know where it would lead, but somehow it didn't make her feel any worse. She knew that it was wrong, but, for some reason, looking at an empty place in bed, she somehow smiled sadly. Only her close friend knew the truth ... In fact, Ino had never experienced female pleasure. She only had sex with Sai twice, and after the pregnancy, everything changed. Since then, for some reason, he didn't even have a desire. The only man who promised to make her happy not only avoided this topic, but also could not. Literally. Could not. His problems did not appear to be related to physical health. It all got too confusing. Ino didn't even know the full taste of sex. She did not think that with just one glance, Naruto would be able to awaken hidden desires in her. For her at that moment, everything became too difficult ... Slowly, her carefree family life was filled with growing darkness. While thoughts of Naruto became a kind of light in this dungeon of gray everyday life ... This kind of frightened even more.

Involuntarily, Ino's thin fingers made their way under the blanket, and her thoughts simply rushed to unknown places.

However, for some, this night turned out to be not particularly loaded with thoughts and experiences, but rather filled with depraved fun. Hanabi could not restrain herself, and naked played with herself under the covers. In the dim moonlight, her sparkling body shook her beauty. As if the goddess descended into the mortal world, while doing very obscene deeds ...

- Ahhh ~ - biting her lip, her eyes twitched in bliss.

Meanwhile, Naruto tore at his wife as hard as he could, pushing her head into the pillow and pushing her hard from behind.

- Mmhhh ~ - her muffled moans still scattered around the room, mixing with the depraved spanking of wet bodies. Naruto dominated and enjoyed like a hungry beast!

Himawari with an embarrassed face stood under the door and slowly lowered her young fingers to her secret place. Mother and daughter so badly wanted to get the caresses of their beloved man ...

Meanwhile, Boruto was happily asleep and did not notice the changes in the family at all.

At the same time, Shizune, along with Tenten and Tsunade, were drinking in the same restaurant.

"Tsunade-sama, how was your trip this time? Tenten asked curiously. This beauty, like her two friends, on the contrary, attracted the glances of many men, and sometimes even some women. Tall statuesque figure, strong trained body, excellent toned chest and elastic ass. Tenten looked like a young student, tall and strong, with a lovely face and a playful pigtail. At the same time, she did not forget to braid part of her hair in two bundles, which have already become her hallmark. At the same time, she adorned her ears with two cute earrings in the form of golden shurikens. Her white kimono tightly fitted every perfect body part, while she did not wear sleeves, which gave her an even sweeter and more feminine look of a fragile girl. Mesh stockings on sophisticated legs lured lustful glances and created a lot of hot fantasies. At the same time, it was worth re-emphasizing her Special trained ass - as if there was something wrong with her, she was so beckoning, as if she hypnotized ... It was as if there was always some secret hidden in her that no man in the world could solve ...

Tenten was no less adorable than the girls next to her, Tsunade and Shizune shone with no less beauty, especially the second one - she has changed noticeably lately. While Tsunade seemed to be discouraged, Tenten wanted to cheer her up and talk about something.

The princess drank her sake and sighed grimly:

- It wasn't so bad ... I shouldn't have come back ...

"Um, but why? Tenten tried to find out the reason, but Shizune immediately shook his head, making it clear that it was better not to touch this topic. In fact, she didn't want to get to the truth and make Tsunade say it out loud. When Tenten joined them, suddenly appearing, things became very vague. Shizune absolutely didn't want anyone to know about the situation, she just wanted to push Tsunade to be honest with her wishes. After all, as she understood - she clearly had the mood to continue with Naruto. If Shizune succeeded, she was just sure that the Master would reward her properly! Just thinking about it made her pretty wet. On top of that, she just burned out with the desire to show Tsunada this part of her life, and perhaps share with her all this taste of forbidden relationships ...

Three kunoichi and each has its own secret. Just a charming sight ...

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