40 Chapter 38.1: Himawari (18+)


Night. House of Uzumaki. Harsh bangs echoed throughout the bedroom, moans mingling with shouts from Hinata, who tried in vain to muffle her voice with a pillow.

`` Mmm ~ Ahhh ~ N-Naruto ... She s-will lose it ~ Enough ...

Hinata indulged in complete and unconditional debauchery. Trying to sound like an exemplary mother, she just kept waving her juicy ass. Naruto took her from behind, right in front of the half-open door. They both knew well who was watching from the shadows. One little naughty girl, drooling and massaging her nipple with one hand, and inhaling the wild scent of animal sex with the other, could not take her eyes off the lustful face of her mother, who often cried out vulgarities, then from the strong body of her father and how loud it was spanked Hinata. Himawari had already dropped to her knees and could not stand upright, the smell of sex just drove her crazy. She did not want to sleep at all, that night she wanted to have fun and enjoy herself like a mother. But what a pity that she could not ...

He didn't seem to notice her!

- Aaaahhhh ~! - Rolling up her lavender eyes, Hinata fell exhausted and breathed heavily, her legs were still trembling, and juices mixed with male seed were pouring out of her pussy.

Naruto rose, his throbbing giant rod still not going to lower and he was absolutely not ready to catch his breath like Hinata's holes. It was like a wild predator looking out for prey, just at that moment Himawari suddenly uttered a sweet groan outside the door. The action of the mother and the sight of daddy in full readiness turned her head, and she just finished, for the first time in her life!

"Nhaahh ~ How s-nice ... ~" - for the first time such an obscene grin appeared on her pretty face.

How could something like this hide from Naruto's keen ears? One movement and he opened the door, and there she sat, with a trembling body and eyes. Himawari, tinged with hot lust and embarrassed innocence, looked up at her father, not knowing what to say at all.

"Hmm ... What can I do with you?" - Naruto did not want to speak, he closed the door behind him, deftly lifted Himawari on the handles and carried her to the next room. Hinata remained lying on the floor in a lustful delirium, half-conscious, continuing to smile sweetly. So she fell asleep exhausted. Although Naruto called her body demonic, capable of sucking all the juices, he was not a human either! Even Hinata in all her glory could not quench his thirst, He became more and more lustful every day. Once in the world of so many hot women, he gradually changed.

So, opening the door to Himawari's room, the father and daughter were inside. Naruto closed the lock lightly and his cock playfully slapped the girl's wet panties. She shuddered again and hugging daddy, pulled away a little, peering into his bottomless blue eyes with her no less beautiful eyes. In a dark room, in the light of the moon, visible steam seemed to emanate from the breath of the man and his daughter, the girl's legs were trembling, and Naruto's hot cock throbbed in anticipation. He no longer looked at the fact that she was his daughter, like her, she saw in him not only a father.

They say that if you cross the line of blood ties and surrender to debauchery, then it is already impossible to stop. Even her own daughter's scent was different from any other woman. It is impossible to compare it with anything - this body is as if created for you. Himawari's desires are not surprising either ...

Both swallowed and then Naruto lowered Himawari to the floor. The girl immediately slid to her knees and licked her lips, presenting herself only a couple of centimeters from the giant pulsating wand. Naruto's cock was so big compared to her petite body that it covered the length of her face without any problem.

The girl's gaze trembled, looking up and drooling, that's all she could in such a position. Not surprisingly, now he seemed especially huge to her. Himawari awkwardly lifted the handle and, realizing that she could not grasp one, lifted the other. Even if she extended her forearm, it probably wouldn't have been enough to cover this man's giant instrument. Himawari could not imagine how Hinata could so deftly take it to its full length, just thinking about it, the girl again caught her breath.


Naruto smiled as he watched this cute reaction from his height. Licking his lips, he said:

- He just visited your mom's pussy and is still dirty from our juices with her. What do you think?

- He ... He is like that, - languidly closing her eyes, Himawari licked her lips: - It smells so delicious ... It's the smell of daddy ... My head is spinning.

Continuing to sniff, cute loli deftly felt the head, and then licked a little:

- Such a strange taste ...

"You know Himawari, you've already seen how mom does it, maybe you'll try it yourself?"

- Y-yes, I want ... - swallowing, the girl pressed her lips to the big head of her father, she barely managed to take it and even a little further, but, naturally, half of it did not fit into her small mouth.

With awkward movements and fingering with her tongue, the excited daughter gave her father an unexpectedly pleasant sensation.

"This is the first time they lick my penis so tenderly and affectionately ... Although, if this continues, we will not manage until morning ..." After a quiet sigh, Naruto grabbed Himawari's head and tore it away from the process. Several strings of saliva immediately tied her tongue and throbbing head, and then Himawari licked her lips and looked at Naruto awkwardly.

- Ha ... Ha ... Did you like it, daddy?

He smiled and nodded slightly.

- I want you to be mine. Do you want to become your daddy's personal little girl? Your mouth, your pussy and ass, I want to take them myself. But, it's up to you whether to give them to daddy now or ...

- I want to! - Unaccustomedly loudly and decisively shouted Himawari, and then timidly lowered her eyes:

- I want to be like a mom ... I want to be daddy's woman.

Now she looked extremely appetizing and touching. One has only to imagine a little loli with a sexy young body acting so sensually and boldly ...

- I understand you, you are definitely my daughter! Smiling proudly, Naruto rubbed his cock against Himawari's pink cheek and then smiled predatory.

- I want to see your whole body, undress for me!

"Mm, of course daddy ~" Smiling playfully, Himawari, still shaking, began to pull off her clothes.

Not that Naruto was interested in the body of a small loli, with barely formed female bulges, but there was something especially charming about her too. When such a sweet daughter, flowing with female juices, with such hardened papillae that they can be seen through clothes, lasciviously asks to accept her as a woman - no man can refuse! Perhaps in the past world it could have been immoral, but here in the world of shinobi children are completely different, they do not even look like children. Simply put, the loli image of cute and at the same time sexy girls from hentai manga is the best description of the whole body of young Himawari ... The fact that she was his daughter added an additional exciting spice.

Finally, the adorable loli pulled off her wet panties, revealing the long, stretching thread of her pleasure that made her experience the look of daddy's cock. Himawari started up in earnest and was profusely dripping with love juices.

Standing in front of her father, the giant rod still throbbed and burned her tender belly. Once again, the difference in size made itself felt, making the young bosom tingle playfully. She really liked to feel like a little girl, so weak and defenseless in front of him.

Himawari smiled sweetly as she pressed the man's cock to her navel.

- Daddy will make me a woman?

`` How smart you are ... Ha, but it's still early, '' pushing up the hair of this adorable girl, Naruto abruptly put her on her knees and said menacingly:

- Until you learn to please your father with your mouth, your pussy will be sealed!

For a moment, panic flashed in Himawari's large eyes, but at the same moment Naruto pushed his cock hard into her wet mouth. But he was not going to stop there and went even more than she could accept! Even further! And further!

After a resounding pop, Naruto nailed her full length, thrusting further into the throat!

- Haaa! Like this! Incest is the best!

At the same moment, Himawari's eyes rolled sharply, and the lower abdomen trembled frantically. A long stream of juices burst into the floor in an irresistible stream, pouring everything around. Throat has lost her virginity in the most obscene and rude way!

Naruto nodded in satisfaction and jerked his groin back and then forward again. Now he started fucking her with all his might, Himawari could barely inhale, but he continued to turn his daughter's throat into a personal hole. If she so wanted to be his woman, he will grow up the most ideal! Who, if not a daughter, is best suited for a father ?!

The pounding lasted almost a whole minute, from Himawari flowing without stopping. She could not even think that for the first time her daddy's mouth would be so rude!

Only, he himself saw how much she liked it ...

"Hiii ~" - her thoughts simply shone with debauchery, and her heart trembled with joy! He entered her and the feeling that arose as a result simply shook the whole body in orgasms! The small body enjoyed the rough caresses to the fullest!

Finally, Naruto leaned forward with all his might, drowning the girl's pink nose in his groin, and then let out a drawn-out growl, pouring into her to the fullest! Himawari's eyes widened sharply, and then veins bulged around them, her Byakugan instantly awakened, and then a stream of depraved drops sprayed from her pussy. Like thousands of stars, they scattered throughout the room, giving this place a magical halo of debauchery.

Naruto continued to lower, while instead of the transparent liquid of Himawari, something of a different shade splashed out, it shimmered with gold! She already peed up with pleasure!

Finally, the moment has come to pull out. Slowly and with passion, the man pulled his fat cock out of his daughter's throat. A kind that evokes affection. Half-closed eyes and bubbles from a small nose, sparkling tears under the big eyes, and as soon as the penis left her mouth, sperm mixed with saliva flowed down from the protruding tongue of a charming girl.

"Nyayahh ... ~" With a surprisingly sweet groan, Himawari began to gasp for air, she immediately fell exhausted and began to breathe heavily. It looks like this first time was really difficult for her! But, she held out and did not lose consciousness - the true Uzumaki!

"Take me to my full, awaken the Byakugan, and even cum from it ... She is incredible! I'm afraid to imagine how good her other holes are "- shifting his gaze lower to the wet pussy, which could be seen in all its glory, since Himawari's legs were spread out to the sides, Naruto just swallowed and licked his lips. This treasure attracted him no less than those little titties, so delicious and innocent. It was the body of a real loli slut. It was created especially for him! It's amazing how this world can be! Here, the seemingly impossible is real! You should not imagine children, it is worth presenting a loli-slut with a cute and sexy body, that's who was in front of him now! Himawari lacked only one thing to become a true woman ... This depraved place was still salivating in anticipation.

- Mm? - Looking in surprise at his daughter's sex-stained face, Naruto chuckled a little.

- It was to be expected ... For her it was too much. I'm afraid a portion of deprivation of virginity may be overwhelming for her. She is still my daughter, you shouldn't be too greedy, it was not enough to drive her crazy.

With a slight grin, Naruto gently lifted the quietly sniffing girl and laid her on the soft bed, covering her with a blanket. In the light of the moon, her lips and papillae, glistening with saliva, looked so enchantingly depraved. Naruto just nodded and, a little thoughtful, went into his bedroom, put his wife to bed, and then returned to Himawari, lay down beside him and took cover. A sly grin continued to play on his face:

- Sweet dreams, my dear lecher. We still have many unforgettable memories ahead ...

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