22 Chapter 21: Nice Morning


The Seventh Hokage's awakening was sudden. However, yesterday night or even this morning turned out to be too stormy. It can be understood ...

- Dear ... - I heard a barely audible voice with a sort of hoarseness. Naruto turned away annoyedly and continued to sleep. But, someone started shaking him by the shoulder:

- Dear, wake up ...

- Ohh ... - the man unhappily opened his eyelids and looked closely at this troublemaker. Who would dare to wake up the Hokage ?!

`` Ah ... Hinata, '' he quickly calmed down, realizing who was in front of him, and then yawned, sitting down on the bed:

- What happened?

"It's time for you to go to work," came a gentle whisper from the embarrassed girl. Naruto finally got a better look at his wife and immediately swallowed. Hinata seemed to have changed ... First of all, she seemed to become even more charming, especially with that slight blush on her cheeks and her lovely violet eyes. They sparkled with love and tenderness. A completely different feminine scent even emanated from the beautiful princess, she seemed to be transformed in just one night and became too stunning. Even though she was dressed in some kind of dark jacket and apron, even these rags could not hide the very charm that could excite only from one thought. Perhaps it was all because of yesterday night and Naruto just remembered this gorgeous body, but ... She really seemed even sexier to him. Her swollen lips, small sucks and barely noticeable bruises on her neck were immediately evident. It was a really hot night, and Hinata's voice seemed to have been ripped off by that perfect blowjob.

Naruto remembered this and chuckled cheerfully.

- After all, you even managed to get up before me, this is strength - this is definitely my Hinata!

The girl instantly blushed and averted her lovely eyes. She was still in awe of the memories alone. If not for household chores, she would have remained in his arms ...

Naruto felt it, got up and gently hugged his beautiful wife.

"Hinata ... This was the best night of my life, I'm sure you share my feelings. - noticing an affectionate smile on her pretty face, he whispered:

- I promise everything will change. Now you will no longer be alone in this house ...

"N-naruto," the girl's heart beat fast, a pleasant warmth swept through her body, even in the lower abdomen, everything trembled from the heat that arose. She already wanted to thank her husband with her lips, when he sharply pulled her to him and kissed her. So passionate, so vulgar and so pleasant ...

"Ahhh! ~ Naruto ..." Hinata began to melt with pleasure ...

After the exchange of affection, he, as always, began to turn on ... How can you stay calm when you have such an amazing girl in your arms?

Naruto pushed his wife against the wall and quickly pulled off her pants - he was going to enjoy this morning properly!

At the same time, having washed and getting ready to have a good rest on his day off, Boruto went down the stairs to the kitchen, and the first thing he noticed was his sister.

- Oh, hello, - the guy looked around carefully: - Where is mom?

Himawari was silent, poking at the rice thoughtfully. This morning the girl looked unwell, bags under her eyes and a kind of distant look. Having met her mother, the girl did not even know how to talk to her now, she tried to behave normally, but seeing such a happy mother, for some reason she recalled the night scene. Himawari didn't know what to do, she couldn't tell anyone, let alone talk to her mother. In addition, the sight of her father at that moment, only closing her eyes, Himawari again saw his image.

Sighing again, the girl finally turned her attention to her brother:

- Good morning, onii-chan ...

- Ah ... Well, yes, - Boruto sat down at the table and asked again: - So, where is mom?

- She went to wake dad, he ... - Khima stopped and looked strangely at the ceiling, as if trying to see what was happening in the parents' bedroom. A preoccupied premonition appeared by itself and for some reason unpleasant again ...

- Dad ?! Boruto asked in surprise, "Is this old man at home?" Not at work?

- Well, yes, - Himawari for some reason became sad and again continued to poke around in food.

- What's wrong with you? - Boruto was worried: - You are not sick? Can I call mom?

- Not! - Khima shouted sharply, and then lowered her head and quietly said: - Don't tell mom. I just didn't sleep well.

- Yes? Boruto threw a piece of cheese into his mouth and grinned. "I slept well. Although, it seemed to me that at night someone was making such a ... strange sound ... as if some kind of beast ...

- Mm? Himawari sharply dropped her wands.

- Z-sound?

"Well, yeah ..." Boruto thoughtfully tried to remember that noise again, but nothing came of it. He just brushed it off.

- What's the difference? Find a fool who decides to climb into our house, ha!

Himawari looked at her brother in surprise, but when he shook her head in disappointment, the girl lowered her head again. Not that she wanted to share this with her brother, but still she did not know what to do now after what she saw. It seemed to her that she did something bad and that it would be better for no one to know about it ...

At the same moment, a satisfied voice rushed through the kitchen:

- Ha, my lovely children are having breakfast, what a pleasant sight!

A half-naked Naruto entered the kitchen in only his underpants, sweating and a little disheveled. This morning had gone too well for him. His appearance surprised not only Himawari, because he behaved and looked too amazing. No seriousness or fatigue, some too pleased and cheeky ... Even Boruto, already delighted with his father's arrival, hesitated a bit from his abnormal behavior. Even though Naruto wasn't home often, he never acted like that.

"What's the matter with him?" - the guy was surprised and put down the sandwich.

Himawari was embarrassed and swallowed nervously, remaining silent. The girl's cheeks even turned red, she again remembered the events of last night! Her blue eyes quickly moved to the bulge in the man's groin, and then the girl turned sharply away, quietly squeaked and ran away.

- Uh ... - Boruto blinked and asked in bewilderment: - Sister? Where are you going?

Naruto rummaged in the fridge, took out a bottle of milk and took a couple of big gulps.

- Ha! The very thing, after an excellent s ... - the man threw a short glance at his son:

- Sleep ...

Boruto ignored his father's smirk and strange tone, but simply asked:

- Old man, finally decided to visit home?

The Hokage raised an eyebrow in surprise and looked at his son.

- How do you talk to your father? Haven't you received your belt for a long time?

- Uh ... - the guy shuddered and was surprised: - What are you doing?

Boruto didn't know what to think right now ...

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