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HITODAMA { SPIRIT ORBS } is a popular web novel written by the author R_F_T_S, covering CRIME, ACTION, ADVENTURE, MYSTERY, SELF-DISCOVERY, MARTIAL ARTS, ROMANCE, SUPERPOWER, VENGEANCE, NO HAREM, Martial Arts genres. It's viewed by 36.8K readers with an average rating of 4.51/5 and 30 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 101 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


A teenager orphaned at a young age with vengeance in his heart, Another who grew up with no goals or dreams but is determined to make something of himself and a girl born with a silver spoon and a golden heart...... Join Dan, Sai and Ilara as they fight against crime and corruption in a world where superpowers and extraordinary individuals exist. An adventure filled with danger and death awaits them on their quest towards a just system and a better world. Different ideals come into play as secrets are revealed resulting in an event that will not only expose all that was once hidden but will also rewrite the system that once ruled all things. PS : this novel is heavily inspired by anime so expect it's fight scenes and battle techniques to be written in like manner as is done in anime. Also each volume is actually a story arc similar to the way anime divides it's plot into arcs, so expect awesome volume names but weird and maybe strange chapter names. If you are enjoying the story, how about buying me a coffee to serve as incentive for the work to go on. https://www.buymeacoffee.com/RFTS Thanks in advance. All donations are appreciated If you'd prefer supporting me using Patreon, I also have an account there https://www.patreon.com/R_F_T_S Help me out on this epic adventure by supporting me

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The character build up is awesome. The characters are very realistic and I like the pace of the book. I'm looking forward to more chapters.👍👍👍👍


this book is noice, but there is no major romantic conflict between the three main characters, a love triangle to clarify,[img=update] romantic conflict


First of all, I’m going to point out that this story is around 70% action and 30% mystery. If you’re looking for action-packed scenes and descriptive fights, then this story’s for you. Other than that, I love the world-building you did in the beginning and as the story continues. The plot is eventful and interesting, but it feels like a lot of the mystery is already spoiled since it tells you who the bad guy is (but idk there might be more to the story that hadn’t been revealed yet). The supernatural abilities are placed well in the combat, though it might be nice to see them used outside of fights. The characters have nice interactions and there is a strong female lead, but you could give them clearer and more distinct personalities. The major issue is probably that you should work on your punctuation, sentencing, and paragraphing. Your word choice is great but there’s a lot you can improve. But overall, I love where the story’s going and I can’t wait for more!


Overall I'll say it's a really good book, top notch characters, uhhhhh, not so shabby character design, and piece of the art world building,dan howbeit quite similar to most protagonist is one of the few main characters that actually seeks vengeance but doesn't let go of basic morality, illara isn't a pushover and actually stands out unlike most female leads, and sai isn't the dumn jock boyfriend, all in all I think it's a great story.👍👍


Reveal spoiler


This book is. Hmm...Breathtaking. It is the action for me. the author is well versed at active storytelling. He successfully glue the reader to the stories. I'm more than impressed with the character development. keep up the good work. also I love the rate of update.


@R_F_T_S Going through your book, I remembered I have once reviewed it before. But it wouldn't hurt to review again. You have used a technique which is beautiful especially when you are describing the fighting scenes. What can I say, I admire your bold step in writting a book even out of your own culture. This Signaled to me that you have really done a lot of research to come up with this great work.


This is a very interesting book. The plot is interesting. The characters are also well developed. The author did a good work with the discription, it draws readers in. I really enjoyed reading this book


There's a lot of intrigue specially in politics in this story, and totally action overload that definitely was described well. The action mixed with love story makes it really great.


Very intriguing. The arc of the story is very well written and the stability of the characters is also steady. Looking forward to reading more!


Naisu! Naisu! Naisu! I'd say these three words only buh this is a review sooo I wuv this novel! Everything's great! Characters, plot and all. Heck, those fight scenes keep me tied to it. 👀 Who knows, I may borrow your writing style. Welll, novel's great and I'm sticking with it! Keep up the good work author XD


Action scenes are quite good and well written, character interactions are good too and the plot is quite mysterious. Those not used to anime style will find it a little difficult to adapt but I'm glad I ain't a part of them lol. Overall a good work and recommended read.


Shameless author review here, this is my first novel and I see great things coming out of it. So read and leave a review. I'm open to constructive criticism so lay it on me coz I know that my work ain't perfect in the slightest 😅


This a lightning fast, engaging action piece of a novel. While the writing is at times clumsy. With its grammar misha** and far too wordy lines. It's fun to read regardless. Characters are interesting despite how fast the story around them moves. Which in turn leads to not losing anytime with the storytelling. Props to the author writing this, will keep reading for sure.


Book is great, has plenty of variety and overall has a good plot. Keep it up! I only have a few complaints, but they are minor and don't ruin the book.


Overall, a fast-paced action story that unwinds rather quickly around the few key characters. The actions and combat are adequately portrayed, but the structure of paragraphs with intertwining dialogues and action could be a little more spaced out, giving each individual piece of content some room to breathe. The story transitions from scene to scene like a tv show, shifting in tone, story beats, atmosphere swiftly, though the exposition at times can be a little heavy. A story with a lot of potential, and with time, the rough edges could be trimmed off, revealing the true gem behind it.


I haven't really gotten far in reading this book but from what I've read I can tell that the author put a lot of work on the characters. The action is really too notch and I can't wait to read more!💯


Would love to read more. Good work with developing the characters. If you're new here and love books with a lot of action, this is the book for you.


First of all, I like how you build your characters! They all have personalities that make them unique to each other. The fighting scenes are cool as well and written in a way that makes you imagine the whole thing. Kind of have an issue with the way the paragraphs are spliced but it's cool. It could be worked on. Anyway, great work!


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