1 Prologue: Change the MC, Lord Er Mu.

"Recheck everything." A loud voice echoed in the room.

The speaker had his back turned against his servants, as he sat on a chair. Magic flowed from his hand as he prepared his fingers.

His servants respectfully did as he told.

"Worldbuilding - done."

"Conflict - done."

"Character interaction - done."

"Characterizations - done."

"Witch power - done."




"Protagonist Chen Yang - done."

The head servant took a step forward as he respectfully said. "Everything is set according to your instructions, Lord Er Mu."

"Sigh." When the sitting man called Lord Er Mu heard the report, he sighed before continuing in his loud and powerful voice.

"It is time to start my project. After years of hard work I have finally created my own world."

Magical powers flowed to his fingers giving the servants a visual sight to behold.

"My Lord. Here is your magic tool." The head servant kneeled right behind Lord Er Mu and presented him a small decorated box with a beautiful pen inside. The pen was intrinsically decorated with gold linings and precisely detailed cravings.

"Not this one. I am going to use the new tool the mortals use nowadays. The board with pressing buttons." Lord Er Mu said without even turning.

"You mean the one the mortals call the 'keyboard.'"

Lord Er Mu answered by summoning a bigger box with a similarly designed pattern, but instead of a pen, this one had a keyboard in it.

"The Lord is wise and insightful preparing before this servant even comes to his senses." The head servant respectfully withdrew.

The Lord prepared his fingers as magic flowed out towards the keyboard making a connection with it. Before even his fingers touched it, a holographic world appeared right in front of him connected with the keyboard.

The servants behind got excited all ready to witness the magic of creation in front of them. All of this interrupted by a sudden voice along with the bang on the door.


"What is going on?" The head servant got angry as his Lord's work was interrupted rudely.


"Let him in." Lord Er Mu said, but the anger in his voice was not hidden.

The door opened making a red skinned minor demon visible. The angry stares of the inhabitants of the room made the poor demon shudder. He just wanted to turn back. His master's orders are absolute, giving him no other choice, but to do as he was told.

He stepped inside with heavy steps. He was not able to withstand Lord Er Mu's presence as he sweated bucketful.

"Greetings, Lord Er Mu."Gulping down his saliva, he mustered his strength and said.

"Lord Asmodeus, my master wanted you to change the protagonist to the person he mentioned before. We brought him with us."

Lord Er Mu raised his brows. "The person became incapable of the task. Isn't that what your Lord told me?"

"Does your lord think he can change my plans as he fucking pleases? When I had a protagonist done, he wanted someone from hell to do it. Then he told me that someone became incapable of the task. Now when I had everything done, you are coming here to tell me to change everything again. FUCK OFF."

The minon's legs shook in fear, and he was unsure how to appease the angry Lord in front of him. "I am sorry Lord Er Mu. But this is the intention of the Hell King."

When Lord Er Mu heard the Hell King, he calmed down instantly. He could in a billion years go against the King's will.

Seeing Lord Er Mu's anger calmed down, the minions and servants heaved a sigh of relief simultaneously.

"Hmm. Bring him in. I don't have time to waste. "

"Yes, Lord."

As the minion went back to get the new changed MC, Lord Er Mu could only feel sad for the MC he prepared. Chen Yang.

He couldn't predict whether the story will change for better or for worse due to this change.

Only time will answer it.


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