2 The Rise of NAZI Party

After the lost of Germany in WW 1, the Germans started to became really desperate. Their army need to be decreased, they must paid a lot of money for war reparation, they can't build huge gun or ship and the most important their province ner france are demilitetized, just in case that Germany attack france. For the conclusion the Germans are breaking apart. The NAZI party was a German workers party or DAP. In 1919 Adolf hitler join the German workers party. With hitler's speaking ability, the party grow bigger and bigger. A year later he changed it into National socialist German workers party or NAZI party. In 1921 Hitler promoted into the leader of the NAZI party and once more he used his ability to gain more and more support for his party. One day in 1923 the Nazi party were confident enough to stage a coup in a city called munich. The coup was a failure and Hitler was prisoned. Even thou he's in prison he used the trial to get even more support. Despite spending one year in prison where he wrote his own autobiography the Nazi party continued to established them self in German's politics. The mein kampf wasn't only about his biography it's contain about the vision of hitler for the German's people too. He believed that the Jewish and the Communist are taking part in the conspiracy of holding the German's people down. The mein kampf book effectively become the bible of the Nazi party. By 1933 the Nazi party already gain enough support that made Hitler a chancelor of Germany. And on 2nd of August 1934, the president of Germany Paul Von Hindenburg died because of lung cancer. The dead of Hindenburg makes Hitler even more powerful. In the end Nazi become the only party that rule Germany with Hitler in the middle of it.

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