1 The Aftermath of Germany WW1

Many people think about when and how the big world war 2 started. And I'm here to tell you guys when and how it's started. But before we got there, I'm gonna tell you about the aftermath of World War 1. In November 11th,1918. The German's high command surrendered to the overwhelming Triple Entente's army that consists of the U.S army, the UK army and the France army. The German's high command surrendered to the Triple Entente after the failed of the last attempt to broke the Entente line of defense. After that the German's army started to got a really huge push back and finally they surrendered in November 11th,1918 at 11th o'clock. Then the Entente held a conference but they didn't invite Germany. After they done with the peace conference they named it the threaty of versailles.

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