3 Italy and China

As the 1930's grew on, Nazi party has influenced all over Germany. The German's people thanked to Nazi because they already pull out Germany out of crisis and desperation. Hitler promised to give land,food and other stuff to German's people that in a deep desperation. They saw Hitler and Nazi party as a savior of their live. Then Hitler started to make a plan for regaining the lost territory after the world war 1. In 1935 Hitler started pumping his military conscripts far beyond the Treaty of Versailles. When the Allied force saw what happened, they did nothing to stop him. Encouraged by this Hitler then ordered his troops to move into Rhineland the demilitarized zone in 1936. Hitler had given secret order to his man, that is if they saw any France army they need to leave as soon as possible, because German is not in a shape for another big war. Despite the protest from France in the League of nation they did nothing. In 1937 Neville Chamberlain become the prime minister of England while German continue to rearm his army and now set course to demand the Sudetenland which had absorbed into Czechoslovakia after the WW 1. At the same time Hitler saw his own birth country Austria to join his new German empire. Austria and Germany shared many common thing until they look at one and another as a cousin. In January 1938 Austria had their own Nazi party. They attempted their own purge like Hitler did in 1923 and it ends much like Hitler. Their leader got caught and put in the trial.. The Nazi propaganda machine started to work to make a false impression that Austrian people rising up in support for their imprisoned Nazis. On march the 12th 1938 German troops entered Austria territory pretended to restoring order. In few weeks the government was gone and Austria absorbed into Germany as the province of Ostmark. A vote on joining Germany claims that 99% of the population supported the move that later named Anschluss. Diplomatic crisis was sparked on Sudetenland, an armed uprising and began to demanding autonomy from Czechoslovakia. Czech's government tried to negotiate with the sudeten German, while series of meeting were held between Germany,Britain and France to find a solution for the crisis. In the end Britain and France gave a free passage for Hitler's big ambitions. The conference was held in Munich, but something that's interesting was there was no Czech's representative over there. In January 1939 Hitler took the Sudetenland and then invade the rest of Czechoslovakia in his first act of world domination. The conquest of Slovakia concerns Soviet union led by paranoid Stalin. In previous book Hitler already written about fighting in two fronts was suicide and need to be avoided. So Hitler started to be more careful on Moscow and started a diplomatic effort. In August 1939 German's foreign minister Joachim Von Ribbentrop met with Vyacheslav Molotov in Moscow to talk about Molotov Ribbentrop agreement. Soviet had there own interest in the agreement so they were so happy in the agreement.

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