HISTORY OF NEPAL Long time years ago Nepal was divided in different small king dom.Different king rule different kingdom .And every king wanted to expand their terittory .Every king dom were having war with eachother relationship were not good between kingdoms . Prithivi Narayan Shah was born in gorkha . Prithivi Narayan Shah father king of gorkha Narabhupal shah and second queen of Narabhupal shah queen Kausalyawati Devi Shah . When Prithivi Narayan Shah was young he knew about neighbouring kingdom and from childhood had a dream of unification.Prithivi Narayan shah was eldest son of Narabhupal Shah so , he become king.And oneday Prkthivi Narayan Shah had dream an old women began to beg for water and he saw their was only pot of curd . And he gave her pot of curd old woman drink it . And after sometime old women said to led his hand as she vomit in hand . And then old women said to eat it. But Prthivi Narayan Shah became angry and threw the vomit .The old lady said angrily why did you threw if he had eat it then he may become king of world. Then small piece of vomit has stuck in his hand . And old women said never give up and focus on your dream and told where ever his paces wenthe would be sucess ful to captured thhat land . Now Prthivi Narayan Shah started his unification .