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"The way you behave...behave around me, with me it's highly inappropriate. I don't want you think I'll be your little assistant that you fuck on top of your desk or in the break room, if that's your intention I think it's best if you fire me or atleast send me back to work for Mr Caine," I told him after a couple seconds of silence I turned to face him to be greeted with a hard look on his face. "Amelia....I'm sorry if you thought that was my intention, I can see where you would get that idea.. and I apologize for my lack of communication, in what I want," "So what do you want?" I asked my voice sounding strange I cleared my throat, he reached forward taking my ice-cream placing it on the bench his hand moving to my chin making sure I held eye contact. "You..I want you Amelia," he answered his voice soft but held a level of firmness. I sat there looking at him, his eyes filled with emotions and unspoken words that had me melting under his gaze. "What do you mean y-" "Please don't make me repeat myself, I find it quite annoying," he replied his other hand moving from my knee to thigh the grip firm. "Well you're my boss telling me that you...want me, I think I'm going to need some clarification Xavier," I said frustrated and he swallowed hard, his Adams apple moving and I wish I could know what he was thinking. Before another thought can pass through my mind, his lips are on mine. Shakespeare The course of true love never did run smooth