His Wife's Counterattack: See You as a CEO! Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

His Wife's Counterattack: See You as a CEO!

Mundane Life

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To save her foster father, Freya Keller became involved in a ridiculous marriage. Her contracted husband is Ocean City's top male hunk, Gideon Carter. In his heart lives an unattainable love who has been bedridden for many years. In the beginning, Freya silently accepts all his mockery and ridicule and plays the role of a qualified and humble Mrs. Carter. However, the repeated concessions that she makes results in her child not being able to have a good ending before the child turns three months old. She is finally disheartened. Later on, Freya finally understands how pathetic this marriage is when she sees her lawful husband disregarding her life for the woman he loves. She leaves in despair and goes overseas. Three years later, she is the sole heir to the legendary TOP Corporation overseas. He is the CEO of the corporation who sincerely wants to cooperate. Not only does he want to cooperate with her, but he also wants to win her heart, no matter the cost. This is a story of an ex-wife-turned-successful woman, and a male hunk who shamelessly wants to reconcile with her.


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