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His Treasured Jewel: The Queen is Back


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What is His Treasured Jewel: The Queen is Back

Read His Treasured Jewel: The Queen is Back novel written by the author BlackMoon_30 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering reincarnation, revenge, betrayal, family, possessive. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


For the man she loved, Gu Mian did everything that she can to make him famous. She used every connection that she had to paved the way for him. All the thing he did is to wait for the grace that fell on his lap that she hard workingly got. Yet she got his betrayal that caused to her death in exchange. Sworn to get her revenge in her last breath, Gu Mian opened her eyes once again to be given the chance she wants. Given the second chance, Gu Mian now works hard not to be cheated and stabbed in the back instead she works hard to get all the due things that she should did in her past. Now that she's back, the people who trampled and ruin her and her family, get ready and wipe your necks because she will make you pay your debt thousands of times in blood. ***** Jaimelyn's Note: For all the readers who read the old version of this novel, this note is for you. I, your author, change a little bit of things in the novel because I found out that there's something that doesn't match. Like how Gu Mian's being cute in there and then she's being cold to another chapter. I felt like punching my face upon reading it. So my decision. But don't worry, the plot and everything are still the same. Just some information that I found meh! That's all. Enjoy reading^_^ ***** Thank you Pinterest for the cover picture.


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I enjoyed the 5 chapters I have read so far. It seems like a very interesting story and I would love the read its development as it progresses. For me, this story is right up my alley with reincarnation, magical space, knowing the future; all of which I really like. I would like to end my review on this note: I have read a lot of books, especially of this genre but this book gives me a refreshing feeling. I highly encourage the author to continue with this story because I have a feeling that this book, if it expresses the author’s vission accurately, just might make it big! And my vision has not let me down so far.


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