1 Chapter One

Stella Newton

"Is that all sir?"

"Yes ma'am thank you"

I waved goodbye to a customer who bought a bouquet of flowers for his date. He was over the moon that she finally said yes and said he needs to make a good impression. What better flowers to give to a woman than a bouquet of roses and baby's breath?.

I've been working as a florist for eight months now and I love my job. How could I not?. I'm surrounded by beautiful flowers everyday being a guide for customers and a great persuader. Only four of us worked here: Sam and kash who delt with the flower catering services and Belle and I who stays at the front to assist customers. Sometimes we get days off and today was belle's.

Sometimes the boss would come in on Fridays and help around or making sure everything's in place and order. She was a dark complexion woman with black hair and a bubbly personality. She's a great boss who doesn't favour one of us over the others.

I only had two more hours before my shift ends and no customer was around at the moment so I went to the bathroom. My phone was in my pocket and it started ringing. I answered putting it at my ear before pulling down my jeans and got down to my business.

"Hey babe just wanted to tell you that I'll be picking you up tomorrow at six to take you out to dinner"

"Finally, it's been too long since we went out, we're exactly are we going?"

"A restaurant and that's all the clue you can get"

"OK babe, see you then, love you"

"love you too, bye".

The call ended and I stood up pulling up jeans then washing my hands. Brad and I have been together for over six months and it's been nothing but sad. Sad not meaning I regret being with him, sad meaning we hardly spend any time together. For the first two months of our relationship we would see each other more often but now it's like we don't see each other at all. During that time we only made love when I stay over at his house and that's been only a few times.

We don't live together because I wanted to stay with my mom. She works as a teacher at a high school but the money wasn't enough most times considering the bills, rent and food. I helped payed the bills when she can't and sometimes she would complain that I'm doing too much but I just shrugged it off. She was my mom and if we live together we need to share responsibilities.

She even sometimes say that I should move in with Brad. She favoured him highly when she first met him and still does now. I told her no all the time. Not until I find a better job to buy her a home and enough money in her account to pay her bills on time.

I heard a bit of laughter and leapt from the bathroom to see Kash talking to a customer who was a pretty blonde girl wearing a short sun dress and smiling away as if she heard the world's best joke. It was obvious that Kash was flirting with her. Kash was a man cheater and the girl looked way too innocent to be a victim of his games. How I know this?. Kash always talk about how many girls he used and how they would beg him to come back but he never went. I don't really have a fondness for him and neither does he for me.

"So I'll give you a call when I get off work, Kash said in the smoothest voice I think I've ever heard.

The girl giggled before saying a little 'bye' and left the shop blushing madly.

Kash turned around with a smile on his face before it fell when he saw me standing there. He just rolled his eyes before walking past and I bet anything right now that he was gonna tell Sam about it. They were like best buds who tell each other everything.

The door jingled and a pretty lady walked in. She looked about twenty five with her long brown hair and a knee length white dress with a pair of mid-length heels. She smiled sweetly at me before I went to assist her.

"Hi, how may I help you today?"

"I need something nice for my friend who is in the hospital, she replied in a sweet voice.

I walked around and choose some lilies, tulips and a few roses. I showed her them before she nodded and I went to the back to give them to Sam who started wrapping them.

I went back to the lady to see her eyes roaming around on the decorations and props. She noticed me and smiled before stepping a bit closer.

" This place is beautiful"

"Thank you. We do our best to ensure the place is well presentable"

She nodded approvingly before a bouquet of flowers was placed in front of her by Sam and she took it. I took the cash before waving a goodbye and she left the place.

(5:08 pm)

I was waiting eagerly at the taxi stand for a cab because I missed the bus. The streets were busy with people coming from work and going about there businesses. A cab stopped beside me and I hoped in quickly before closing the door. I told him my destination as he drove off.

The driver was a middle-aged man who wouldn't stop humming along to the 90s song on the radio. It was not melodious but I remained silent. He looked like he was having a great time and who was I to spoil his mood?.

Minutes later he pulled up at my house and I paid him before leaving his car and opening the front door.


I knew she was home because her bag was on the island counter. I went to the living room to see her drinking some juice whilst her feet were in a pale of warm water. She was watching a film and smiled when she noticed me.

"How was work dear?"

"it was great mom and yours?"

"you know how high school kids are, they don't do homework and when you complain about it they leave the class and you're left with no one to teach, she retorted before relaxing in her seat.

I only chuckled a bit.

Suddenly she started coughing a bit loudly as I went beside her and patted her back. She stopped after a while before taking a deep breath and opening her eyes.

"Mom are you OK?"

"I'm fine sweetie, maybe I should just lie down for a while, she said softly before getting up and leaving the living room. I sighed heavily before going to my room for a long, warm shower. After that I pulled on my white robe before making my way downstairs into the kitchen. I noticed some papers on the island and I took up one before reading through it.

It wasn't the part that said electricity bill that shocked me, it was the amount of money that was due. Due to certain circumstances we didn't pay any last month and now its getting piled up. I sighed heavily knowing I'll have to draw the little change left in my account to pay the bill.

I made myself a nice cup of tea before going out on the front porch. I sat down staring up at the sky but only a few stars were visible beacause the place wasn't completely dark yet. As I sipped my tea I thought about the fact that I never knew my dad. When I was younger I used to ask about him but mom would say that he wasn't a good man and that he left when she was pregnant. She was broken but she never showed it. She was a strong woman to raised me on her own.

And that's why I love her.

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