His Submission Book

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His Submission


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[ WARNING = METURE CONTENT ] "I... I didn't do anything, why are you torturing me?!" she said with her trembling voice, tears are following from her eyes, her cheeks are red with crying and trying to get away from him but she can't, he is so cruel, that she can't do anything, when he smirks looking at her brown beautiful eyes without even blinking his eyes and said in his deep husky voice "maybe I am just bored so I wanted to play with something and my new toy got to be you", he never does anything to others without a reason and why is he hurting her, why does he love to make her cry, and what did she do that made him hate her so much and at the same time, love her so much, where he can't decide what to choose, he moved forward the trembling figure in front of him and whispered, "you can't get away from me, so just fellow my order or you know the punishment", her eyes went wide thinking about what he can do, her heart fell to her stomach, she looked at his beautiful Ash eyes and told "y.. yes".