1 Snow

She trudged through the thick, white blanket which covered her neighbourhood; creating a beautiful, glistening curtain left to hang over the empty air. Children's laughter drifted down the cold streets and up into the night air. Burying her nose deeper into her scarf, the young teenager approached a cute little grocery store. She knocked, and after a few seconds, the door opened.

"Hey, mom!" Said the girl as she turned off her Spotify playlist on her phone. "Have you-" her sentence broke off midway as she looked up to see a teenager staring down at her with hazy brown eyes. She stammered, "Oh, uh.. I..." her words were tripping all over each other, her tongue was frozen and her stomach was being overridden with butterflies.

"Are you Emma?" the boy asked.

"Y-yeah" Emma stuttered back; trying to seem confident, she smiled "who are you?"

With a quick, charming half-smile, he answered,

"My name's Jesse".

Before she had time to answer, a short, middle-aged woman with bouncy black hair ran over to her, "Honey! You're back!" she grinned and embraced her daughter "how was art club?"

"Great, Mom" Emma hugged her back "Everyone was so nice, especially my teacher- Mr Partridge"

"That's amazing! Now come inside, I see you've already met Jesse- he's going to be working here for a while" she gave her a sly wink and whispered in Emma's ear as she walked back inside, " I suggest you make the most of it whilst you can"