His Possession Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

His Possession


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"When I return back every night, I expect you to be naked on the couchwith your legs spread wide open with these perfect perky tits saggingdown, so your bare body and your leaking faucet is on full display for mylustful eyes" He said slowly, pinching my nipples in the process. "And If I don't find you in that state" His hand tightened around my barewaist, his nails digging into my skin, showing how serious he is. "lfl.Don 't.Find.You.In.That.State I'm going to make my men fuck you sohard and rough, then slit their throats right in front you and make youlick all their split blood. That's a promise, kitten" His every word pierceddeep inside me, making me tremble in pure fear as the tears rolled down my cheeks silently. "Are we clear?" He asked. "Yes" As soon the word came out of my mouth, a hard slap was given tomy right ass cheek, making me whimper in pain. "Yes what?!" He shouted pulling my hair in his tight .fist, I let out a sob. "Y-yes, Master" I said holding my hair at the scalp. "Good" Smirking widely, he bit my earlobe as his hand slipped into mysoaked panty and pinched my clit while the other hand squeezed mybreast, making me release an unashamed moan.