34 Beyond Dreams 4 Living the Dream - END

"Oh my God," I said again just as the door opened and the man who I thought I only conjured up in my longing stepped in.

"Jane? How's my wife?" Adam asked as he walked inside, obviously tired judging from his expression.

Jane turned to me with mischief glinting in her eyes as she signaled for me to be quiet for a moment and I almost smiled remembering how my sister used to trick people a lot.

"Well, as you can obviously see, she's awake," Jane answered and Adam frowned. "Where's Ash?" she asked right after before Adam could notice that something was off.

"Matt's with him in the car," my husband answered and Jane stood up.

"Well, I guess I'll join them then. James must be throwing a fit at his grandma's place by now. He was sleeping when we left."

"Thanks Jane," Adam murmured and Jane beamed at him.

"You're welcome, Kingsley. Don't wait for Ash tonight too. I'll be keeping him until tomorrow," she announced as she marched towards the door and winked at us before she left, leaving my husband puzzled by her attitude.

"You know what, baby?" Adam said thoughtfully as he turned to me, taking my hand, the one which wasn't injured much in his and kissed it. "We're very lucky your sister and Matt are here," he said. "If it weren't for them, I wouldn't know what to do. I would have gone crazy within a month of losing our baby and you."

Adam's mention of having lost me pierced my heart and I wanted to reach out to him then and there but I didn't. I wanted to continue listening to him as I absorbed the fact that he was truly here, alive, holding me, loving me.

"You gave me a fright earlier love," he continued as his voice cracked with emotions. "I was just standing there a few feet from you and I wasn't able to do anything. When I saw Ash fell and you caught him, my heart stopped. I was happy our son was alright, but seeing you with all those blood, I was scared," he continued and I saw a tear fell from his eyes as he sniffed.

"I know you don't understand what I'm saying," Adam said and my heart broke.

My proud, arrogant, twisted husband was shedding tears for me.

"Seeing Ash fall might have pushed you farther from me. I know you must be far away where my voice couldn't reach you. But baby, please…please know that I love you. I love you so much, I don't want to lose you," he sobbed as he rested his head on my thigh like a lost child.

Adam wept openly in front of me and I found myself shedding tears again. Softly, I used my other hand to brush his hair. Startled, he immediately raised his head as he looked at me with wide eyes.

"Baby?" he called as he saw my tearstained face. "What's wrong? What's wrong?" he asked and I shook my head.

"I'm here," I whispered making his eyes widen some more, his mouth hanging open just as what happened to Jane earlier. "I'm just here. I didn't go. I wouldn't go away again," I promised him, making him smile in disbelief and happiness. "And I love you too. I love you too," I continued as I leaned forward and let myself be embraced by his warmth.

"Oh God, Yesha, you're back," Adam sobbed in elation as he held onto me. "You're back…" he whispered over and over again, and I was. Back to reality, back to arms of the one I loved – the one whom I would always treasure even beyond dreams.


2 years after

The alarm started beeping and he slowly came awake. The soft mewls on the speaker however made him alert as he pushed himself to sit up from the bed. Glancing at the clock told him it was only three in the morning and he yawned as he stood up and padded across the carpeted floor towards the adjoining room.

Opening it, the soft mewls became a little louder and he smiled in spite his sleepiness.

"Wait a minute sweetheart," he said as he walked over the table where he prepared a bottle of milk and padded towards the crib and met one pair of teary eyes.

"Hi there," he cooed as he picked up the owner of those sorrowful doe eyes as the tiny face of his eight-month-old daughter crumpled into an impending cry. "Shhhhh, sweetheart, don't cry, daddy's here," he said as he shifted the baby in his arms and introduced the rubber nipple to her tiny lips.

Finding food, Ashley sucked greedily and noisily on the bottle making her father flinch.

"You're a princess, sweetheart, you should have poise," he scolded the baby whose eyes darted to him, fascinated by her father's deep voice. "Are you listening to me?" Adam asked making his daughter pause from her feeding to give her father some raspberries, cooing at him, before going back to her bottle.

Adam blinked several times, taking in the cuteness of his child and he sighed. "But since you're still young and cute, your table manners are excused," he said and he heard a soft chuckle behind him.

Turning around, he saw Yesha standing by the door and his brows rose. "And what's so amusing Mrs. Kingsley?" he inquired.

"You," Yesha answered cheekily as she crossed the room to join them.

Ashley, sensing her mother, became alert, raising her tiny fist as she demanded to be carried by her mom.

"Look at that," Yesha commented as she took her daughter from her husband. "She's ordering us about like a drill sergeant," she continued and Adam smiled at his wife and child.

"Well, she and Ashton are going to be bosses someday so that's okay," the husband said and Yesha pouted.

"And you're teaching her manners?" the wife countered which Adam answered with his signature smirk.

A few minutes after, Ashley let go of the bottle and had dozed off.

"Let me take her," Adam said as he took the baby back from Yesha and brought her to the crib. "She's going to be a looker just like you," he told his wife who smiled as she pushed her husband back to their own bedroom.

"Why are you hurrying, huh?" Adam said as he pulled his wife against his body as soon as they got to their bed. "You're planning something?" he asked as he playfully nipped at his wife's neck and shoulder.

"No," Yesha answered as she pushed her husband away. "I'm planning to go back to sleep," she said making her husband pout. "Don't give me that face Adam Kingsley."

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"But baby, I miss you already," Adam cajoled as he hugged his wife.

"But you missed me too last night and this morning. Give me a break, my body still hurt," Yesha countered and Adam pestered her endlessly in the wee hours of the morning until she gave up.

Oh well, Yesha thought as she let her husband sweep her off her feet.