1 Vol1 Chapter 1: Lost memories

[December 26, 9:46pm]

A young silver haired boy found himself laying on a thick layer of snow in the middle of the forest. Snowflakes kept falling down from the sky and some gently landed on his white, tender skin. A couple of ice spikes unexpectedly fell from a tree and nearly harmed him but all of a sudden, it broke into pieces and not a single one managed to even scratch his skin that is as white as the snow.

This young boy gradually opened his eyes and revealed his golden, amber eyes which looked extremely attractive but for unknown reason, his eyes were cold and it didn't reveal a single emotion other than emptiness. He stared at the dark sky.. It was cold but he didn't feel anything which is odd.

The young man averted his eyes from the sky to the broken piece of ice beside him that is as clear as a mirror which let him see himself. He glared at his own reflection without blinking. He realized that he's only wearing a plain, old, white t-shirt that is covered with thick blood, black pants and a pair of boots.

'How did I end up in this place?'

'Where am I?'



'Who am I?'

Questions started filling up is mind but he didn't move from his spot. He stayed there until the sun slowly rose.

A pack of hungry wolves was nearby and followed the scent of fresh blood.. the blood on the boy's clothes. These wolves were out searching for their food last night but due to the weather and extreme cold, they couldn't find any.

But when the sun rose and the sky that was grey turned light-blue, they were able to trace the scent of blood and it led them to where the young boy is. When they saw the boy laying down on the snow immobile like it was some kind of comfy bed, they didn't hesitate and took the chance to pounce on him..

But they immediately regretted that decision because as soon as they went near the boy, a mysterious force cut their heads off in no time.

The young boy was woken up by the dying screams of the wolves. He released a heavy sigh before finally standing up. He stared at the dead bodies around him but he didn't show any fear or excitement. His height is about 6'2 and his well-built body looked pleasing. Anyone would think that this young boy is just a piece of art.

'What am I gonna do?' He asked himself

Ever since he found himself in this dense forest, he just kept thinking why is he there? It's winter so he should be somewhere in his house right?

He kept asking himself but he got no answer.. He tried remembering but it didn't work. Why can't he remember a single thing? Who is he? or rather, what is he?


A few minutes went by and he continued to stay standing still and kept wondering what he should do. He thought that it's best if he finds some food but the meat from wolves around him are enough to stay alive for atleast two weeks so why would he look for more food?

He doesn't know what else he would do. 'What about finding shelter?' He thought

'Nah that is too troublesome..'

He walked towards a tree trunk, sat and slept.

After some time, he heard some footsteps approaching. Soon, he heard three men talking about their hunt. They were laughing and pissing each other off but they instantly stopped when their eyes fell on the young boy resting under a tree with so much blood on his clothes.

They scanned the whole area and found atleast 40 dead wolves around the boy. They dropped their guns out of shock! 'There's no way that this kid killed those right?' They thought but they shook their heads and walked towards the boy to check if he's wounded.

The unknown force around the boy felt them coming and was ready to harm them but it realized that the true intention of these guys is to help the young man so it stopped and faded away.

"Boy, are you alright?"

"What in the world are you doing here!?"

"Why are you here? He isn't from our town is he?"

The young man's eyes were focused soley on them. One of the hunters checked his body but found no wound. They raised their brows and asked themselves, 'The blood on his shirt doesn't look like a wolf's blood so, where did this blood came from?'

They tried asking the young boy but he didn't speak nor look at them so the men thought that his parents or those who were with him died because of an attack and it caused him great pain and trauma.

The guys didn't know what to do with him so they brought him to their town. They knocked on their town mayor's door and informed him about the boy they found. The town mayor is an old geezer whose age is about 72 or higher. When he looked at the boy beside the three hunters, he immediately asked a maid of his to help him.

Because of the mayor's old age, he immediately knew that the boy had an ability like those who hunts down powerful beasts. He didn't need to check if the blood on the boy's shirt is a blood of a human or a beast because he could tell just by looking at it's texture. The blood on his shirt was from a beast.. probably a high-class beast.

"Give him some warm clothes and take him to a guest room upstairs" The mayor's house is quite big but it's not that big compared to the houses of other mayors out there. Their town is the smallest in the city and they don't make a lot of money.

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And that's because there are.. only about a hundred 'Blessed' kids born in their town. These blessed people are those who have special abilities such as super-speed, mind reading, super-strength, ect.

Before letting the hunters leave, the mayor ask "Did you try talking to him?"

"Uh yeah but he didn't answer us"

"Maybe his parents died protecting him from a beast?"

"Or maybe a wild animal?"

"Yeah there are tons of dead wolves around the boy"

The mayor once again spoke, "No, the blood on his shirt is from a high-class beast"

"So his parents died because of a beast?"

The mayor shook his head, "No! The boy killed the beast"

"Huh? How can that..."

"How is that possible?? He's just a kid!"

"Don't tell me,.. he's blessed!?"

"If he isn't blessed then how can he defeat a beast and those wolves!? Are you an idiot?"

The mayor spoke again before closing the door "Enough of that, go back to the forest and see if you can hunt a bear"

"Hhm? Why is that?"

The mayor closed the door leaving the three hunters in shock. "Hah!? He wants us to hunt a bear!? Does he think it's that easy!?"

"Is it even possible!?"


After a few minutes, the maid left the boy in a guest room. His clothes that were drenched in blood are now gone and got replaced by another plain white t-shirt while his black pants got replaced by a plain black pajama pants. The maid took his boots and placed it near the door downstairs.

Even in a warm atmosphere, his eyes stayed life-less and cold. For some reason, he didn't like it warm.. He felt like he was getting attacked so he quickly opened the windows and a cool breeze entered the room.

The boy noticed his reflection on the glass window.. His silver hair is covering his right eye.. his eye that looked dead. He wondered what happened to him.. Why can't he remember anything?

When he looked deeper at his reflection, his reflection suddenly smiled weirdly at him although he wasn't smiling. He closed his eyes and shook his head and looked at his reflection again.. It turned back to normal.

He looked down the window and saw a number of people talking to each other. They wore thick jackets to keep them warm in the cold. There are children down there too.. playing with the snow and they all have smiles on their faces.

But just a few meters from those people, he saw a group of men kicking a tree. Up on the tree, a guy whose physical appearance is very similar to a girl can be seen hugging a branch of the tree as if he's holding for his dear life.

The men looked like they were having fun while the guy on the tree was suffering not only because he's getting bullied but because of the cold too. Why did he even climbed the tree?

The silver haired boy continued to watch the guy until he heard a knock.

-End of the chapter-

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