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His Masked Knight


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********This book is ongoing under the same name, His Masked Knight, but under a different account. So, plz move on to the other book, u can find it by searching for the name********* Aristocracy, a privileged class holding hereditary titles. The class of the most powerful members of a society .The ton or rather the Aristocracy retains notable title-holders. Among them is Allen Barnhart Ferdinand, the Duke of Alterimers. Commonly called "The Rapacious Eagle". When this Eagle decides to deracinate the rats, he rules out a need for a knight. When Edgar Radford proves to be potential knight, Allen chooses him. Does the Eagle really need a defender? Or is the defender just another prey for the Eagle? Mireille Isabelle Martin, the youngest daughter of Count Martin, witnesses her mother's murder at a young age, sworn to retaliate- Mireille bequeaths her old self to become Edgar Radford. Will being chosen by the Rapacious Eagle help her in her path? Or will she become a prey to the Eagle?


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