His Majesty's Weakness Book

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His Majesty's Weakness


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Dion Calles's life can be described as boring. He never had any girl-friend, none of the girls liked to talk or date with him. He didn't have any goal in his life until suddenly his life took a turn as the magical crystal from another world brought him there to become the thirty-first emperor of their kingdom. Now he has the responsibility to take his empire towards glory but he is held back by a massive weakness. The weakness of women. With the goal of making the empire occupy the world and his personal goal to conquer of beautiful women in the world, he starts his new journey. ===== "I am the emperor, right?" "Yes." "Can you come to warm my bed tonight?" "Your majesty! You need to be gentle." "Of course I will." ===== "Queen of the Northern Fey Kingdom! Come to my bedroom, we can discuss further while enjoying that beautiful body of yours." "Whatever you wish, your majesty!" ===== "Ahh, I was wishing to see how the gods made you so beautiful, Fox demon." "I can come in if you wish?" "You sure can read my mind!"


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