11 Chapter 9 Taehyung Ending

*7 months*

A lot has changed but not that much. Everyone stopped talking to Jungkook. The biggest change in my life was that me and Taehyung have started dating and even moved in together. We plan on moving to London together after the baby is born. I don't know how it happened, we just started hanging out and all of the old feelings came back. Everyday I spend with him is the best day of my life and I wouldn't change it for the world! He's been supportive and say's he doesn't mind that I'm pregnant with another man's baby. I hope he doesn't change his mind but I'd understand if he did, after all it's not his responsibility it's mine. Suddenly my phone get's a notification and I see that I have a message from Tae.

Tae baby: Hey Y/n can you meet me at *insert name of your fav restaurant* at 3:00 for a special supprise? * innocent emoji, heart emoji*

Y/n: Sure I'll see you then *heart emoji, double heart emoji*

Tae: Yay! I'll see you then!

I go take a shower since it's 1:00 and then I start to get ready. I do a natural makeup look with a nude lipstick and then I curl my hair. When I'm done it's 2:30 so I leave my house to catch a cab.

I arrive inside to see Taehyung sitting at a table with a white tablecloth and a large candle on top with a water front view.

Taehyung:*smiles brightly* Hey Y/n!

Y/n: *smiles brightly* Hi!

I take a seat across from Tae and we start talking about our day and how happy we are to see each other. A few minutes later the waiter comes over to take our orders.

Noah: *smiles* Hi my name is Noah and I'll be your server today! Today's specials are the cheddar soup and braised pork.

Taehyung: I'll have the garlic steak with a side salad red wine vinaigrette dressing and water to drink.

Y/n: I'll have the same

Noah: *smiles* Ok your orders will be out shortly! *winks at Y/n*

Taehyung: *brows furrow* He was flirting with you!

Y/n: *giggles* Calm down Tae, I'm a one man woman, he may have been flirtting but I only want you *kisses his cheek softly*

Taehyung: *blushes* And this is why I love you!

Y/n: I love you too!

** After eating **

Taehyung: Can I take you somewhere real quick?

Y/n: Sure!

Tae pays for the food and then leads me outside before hailing a taxi and whispers some directions. He then blindfolds me and leads me somewhere. I can here birds chirping and leaves crunching beneath our feet.

Y/n: *giggles* You didn't bring me here to murder me right?

Taehyung: Of course I did!! Who would love you?! *shoves her off clift*

Y/n: *screams*

Taehyung: *spits* Stupid bitch!

A/n: JUST KIDDING!! Did I get you?

Taehyung: *giggles* No why would I murder you? Just a little bit farther and we'll be there!

Taehyung: Ok! You can remove the blindfold on the count of 3! 1....2.....3!!

I remove the blindfold and see a beautiful waterfall.

Y/n: *turns around* Omg Tae it's so beauti- *gasps*

Taehyung: *get's on one knee* Everyday I spend with you is the best day of my life and I couldn't imagine a day where I wake up without you next to me. You are the best thing in my life and I never want to lose you! If you allow me to I'll move heaven and earth just so we can be together. I want to raise this baby together as well as any other's you may have because it's a part of you and I love all of you! Will you do me the honors and marry me Y/n?!


Taehyung: *puts the ring on her finger then picks her up and kisses her tenderly*

We pull apart and smile at each other with the biggest smiles but the moment is soon ruined when I hear Jungkook's voice

Jungkook: *shocked* Y/n? Tae?

Y/n: *rolls eyes* Jungkook....

He just had to ruin the moment didn't he *mentally rolls eyes*

Jungkook: Y-your pregnant?!

Y/n: Yeah and? So what?!

Jungkook: How far along>

Y/n: *runs stomach* 8 months

Jungkook: T-then that m-means it's mine!

Y/n: Yeah so what?

Jungkook: What do you mean so what?! It's my baby! I have to be there! This changes EVERYTHING!!!

Y/n: *puts hands on hips* It changes NOTHING! It may be biologically yours but me and Tae are going to raise it as ours!

Jungkook: *looks down and cries* Please Y/n! *looks up with a stream of tears* You don't know how bad it hurts me to know I treated you so badly and that I have a child that I won't be allowed to be around it eats me up insid-

Y/n: I don't really care how bad it hurts! You broke me first! You cheated on me and were an awful person afterwards! *points at him* My child doesn't need a father like you! Let's go Tae! *they walk away*

Jungkook POV

I FUCKED UP!! I shouldn't have done what I did!! I'm such a fucking idiot!! I should just go jump off of a bridge and make everything better!! NO!! I'm going to be there!! I'm not going to screw up as a father! I'll fight in court if I have to but I'm going to be there for my son or daughter!!

Back to Y/n POV

*a few hours later*

Taehyung: I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life or what decisions to make, but don't think you were a little harsh? I mean I know he hurt you but maybe you should give him a chance to be a better person and father. I"m not saying you should forgive him right away and go running back into his arms but it would kill me if I found out I had a secret child and I wasn't allowed to be there for him or her!

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Y/n: Your right.... I'll consider it

** 5 years later **

It's been 5 years and a lot has happened!! 1st off, a few weeks after Tae's proposal I gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy who we named Joohyung. Me and Tae got married a few months after I recovered. I decided to give Jungkook a chance and he's an amazing father! Joohyung understands that he has 2 dads, one that helped mommy make him, and one who mommy loves a lot. Both take care of him and spend lot's of time with him. Me and Tae decided not to go to London so that Joohyung can grow up aroud both of his dads. Jungkook got an apartment a few blocks away from us and has a wonderful girlfriend named Celine. Today me and Tae are getting ready to fly to London celebrate our 5th anniversary with his parents and Joohyung gets to spend the week with his "daddy kookie" as he likes to call him. They are both really excited! I'm glad Tae made me consider giving Jungkook another chance because if I didn't then Joohyung wouldn't have this chance to be around his other dad and may not be as happy as he is now.

Y/n: *bends down and kisses Joohyung's forehead* Okay my sweet baby boy I have to go soon so be good for your daddy kookie ok?

Joohyung: *hugs y/n* Ok mommy!! *runs to Tae and hugs him* I love you daddy!

Tae: *smiles* I love you too buddy! Be good while we are gone!!

Joohyung: I will! *runs to Jungkook*

Jungkook: *picks up Joohyung and holds him* Ok you two have fun and enjoy your aniversery!

Y/n: We will! Keep my baby boy safe!

Jungkook: *smiles* I will!

*Tae and Y/n leave*

Jungkook POV

Jungkook: *smiles* Ok Joohyung what do you want to do first?!

Joohyung: LET'S PLAY CARS!!!!!

Jungkook: Ok!

A/n: Thank you for reading His Love Faded!! The Jungkook ending will be up soon!

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