His Introvert Wife
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His Introvert Wife


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What is His Introvert Wife

His Introvert Wife is a popular web novel written by the author yu_tanit, covering DOTING HUSBAND, ROMANCE, R-18, MYSTERY, HIDDEN GEM, POWER COUPLE, TRUE LOVE, HUSBANDANDWIFE, ARRANGED MARRAIGE, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 42.5K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 8 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 36 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


[WARNING: Contains intimate scene] In this world of fake attachment and luxury hunger, is it possible to find someone who will love you so deep that it's hurts every-second you're apart? Itzel Santorino is the independent woman who dreamt of such love and her wildest dream became true when she married Vaeon Dragul, the renowned billionaire who had kept a secret hidden from the entire world.


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I really like this book because the story is light and not that much drama which I love 💞. I love the main character and the male lead, he treat her different than most male lead 😂. If you like novel that doesn't have a heavy drama I recommend you to read this 🥺. Thank you author for bringing this novel 💕


This is a very nice story, I like its smooth way forward and how sweet it is. It's the kind that fills you with love. The characters are cute and you really want to know what will happen to the couple in the future. 💕💕


This is an 18+ story that does the 18+ stuff a lot more tastefully than other stories on this site, and it is done from the woman's point of view. If that's your jam, then be sure to check this out.


I read a few chaps and I'm here to express my views. I'm not really a fan of romance novels but this is lit 🔥. Whoever is reading this review and is a romance fan then I truly encourage you to try this.


Dear Author, You already published many chapters and have great views. Why you don't have reviews?? I agree with my previous speaker. You're doing great job! I encourage you to work on the clarity of characters and please, add some action. Even "50 shades of grey" besides spicy *** scenes has a lot of action... All the best!


Reveal spoiler


This actually a pretty good romance story, I can almost feel it at the first chapter. It's light and very fun to read. I can say that this story has a potential, just need to be polished. There are some points that the author need to keep in mind like grammar. There are some paragraphs that I noticed were written in past tense and some were in present tense. My suggestion is the author need to stick which one you want to tell the readers. Just choose one. Other than that, this story is beautiful. Keep up the good work! Fighting!!


The synopsis is intriguing and I added this gem to my library. Once I read what is available, I will update my review. Keep up the hard work, author! ... Review swap with my novel: Amara - Reunion Thanks!


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