1 Showing their real face

"Mom dad where are you? mom ,dad...."Bai Qing Qing wake up from her nightmare She have been having the same nightmare for 11 years whenever she told her adoptive parents they will tell her "it's just a nightmare why are you making it a big issues " from that day onward she stop complaining about her nightmare.

Bai Qing Qing is 22 years old now she is currently studying in XiXian medical college. She is an introvert she rarely talk to others except for her best friend Lin Lin.They have been friends from kindergarten to University after their graduation she enrolled herself in medical college while Lin Lin is working in entertainment Industry.

When Bai Qing Qing wake up from her nightmare, sweats were dripping from her forehead, her whole body was wet she got up and get ready for the college.Mrs Bai came knocking"Qing Qing are you still sleeping?" Bai Qing Qing"No,mom I'm coming down,wait for 5 more minutes" Mrs Bai"k,daddy is waiting for you" .

She came down after five minutes.At the right side of the big table her sister Bai Rin was sitted playing with her mobile phone.Her adoptive father was sitting in the middle reading newspaper.. "Good morning everyone"Bai Qing Qing "Good morning Qing Qing" Mr Bai. As usual her sister didn't greet her. She came down and sit next to her sister

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Mr Bai"Qing Qing do you have any work after your college?" Bai Qing Qing"No daddy what happen" Mr Bai" Daddy is in trouble can you help daddy out" Her sister Bai Rin raise her eyebrows hearing her father speaking "now let's see Bai Qing Qing how can you help Daddy" Bai Rin was smiling inwardly.

From the day Bai Qing Qing came to her home she hate her she used to be the attention of everyone but now no one show their attention anymore she blame her she even fought with her parents.

Mrs Bai came out from the kitchen "Why are you speaking about that issues with Qing Qing now,can you atleast let her finish her breakfast"

Mr Bai"k,Qing Qing let's talk after dinner in the evening"

Bai Qing Qing " Yes daddy"

It was a quite and awkward breakfast again.

Bai Qing Qing " I'm done. Thank you mom for the food . I have morning class. I need to go.Bye"

Mrs Bai "Are you sure she will agreed to what you will say?"

Mr Bai" I don' care whether she agreed or not we have raised her for 11 years for God Sake 11 I will make her agree she didn't even know the reason why we adopted her hahahaha"

Hearing her father speaking like this Bai Rin slightly shiver

Bai Rin"Dad, we can just kill her if she didn't agreed right?"

Mr Bai"Nonsense if we kill her now we won' gain anything let's wait for few more months "

Mrs Bai"Rin darling how is your work"?

Bai Rin"Mom,I'm working at dad company who will dare to make trouble for me"

Mrs Bai"That's my Girl! Great .You should show them who is the real owner of the company tell mommy if anyone dare to make trouble for you I'll repay them ten fold"

Bai Rin"Yes mom"

Mr Bai"Enough both of you,Rin let's go to the company we are late remember we have important meeting today?"

Bai Rin"Yes dad"

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