His Eternal Love (A Dark Love From Wicked Heart)
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His Eternal Love (A Dark Love From Wicked Heart)


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What is His Eternal Love (A Dark Love From Wicked Heart)

His Eternal Love (A Dark Love From Wicked Heart) is a popular web novel written by the author nnidhi, covering ROMANCE, ACTION, REINCARNATION, ADVENTURE, MODERN, LOVE, BILLIONAIRE, DARK, POSSESIVE, HUSBAND, History genres. It's viewed by 4.8K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 0 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 6 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


The stone steps declined in to Earth very deep into the room or a strange stone cave, the near I went, the aesthetic of the walls changed, these were not stone, then what is it? It was dimly lit, so I can't see the details properly because only one lamp with strange yet beautiful aroma was lit there, my mind was begging me to walk in that direction. So I started waking there and as I descended the last stair my eyes caught a beautiful flower abnormally large slightly waving with the wind. However it was surrounded by thick herbs who has white and purple buds all over it, these herbs or plants look strange, I have never seen them before. A sweet smell familiar smell or may I say my smell was all over. The flower while I was walking turned towards me and what I saw was terrible. How it was possible how? Shit!!!! I quickly move towards. What? I stumbled back. How is it possible I..I m..mean. I was composing myself in between I heard. A voice or may I say a very thick and rough voice startled me in midway. I turn towards the sound and saw a faint pale figure as it was dark and an only pool of light was a lamp. He came closer and I saw a half-naked ghost his body shine brighter, he came closer. Shit, I gasped. No...no...nooo..noooooo it can't be true tears roll down my cheek. I heard a faint "Rumea" in a low dead voice. A shiver runs down my spine I immediately ran away from there. ----------------------------- After all, this time living alone for years, he just wanted to love her deeply as nobody has ever loved someone like this. ------------------------------- This story is a Season2 of A Forced Love Marriage (To Beast), so I request everyone to read that story first as many things will be unfolded here. You can go and check that story in my profile.