His Distinct Side
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His Distinct Side


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What is His Distinct Side

His Distinct Side is a popular web novel written by the author Just_Rache, covering ADVENTURE, MODERN, THRILLING, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 14.7K readers with an average rating of 4.8/5 and 17 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 38 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


After attaining a full-ride scholarship for a college in New Mexico, the only thing left for you to purchase was a temporary home - specifically an apartment in an underpopulated corner of the city. But, much to your dismay, you start noticing some weird occurrences: TV shortages, cut phone lines, and worst of all - a screaming neighbor. But when you finally march over to confront them, you see that it's a handsome young man by the name of Mark, whom you had met previously in your college history class. He seems like a nice guy, but it still doesn't explain what's been happening in your apartment. What's causing it? Or, more importantly - who? What happens when Mark's body is taken over, and you meet someone incredibly different from the man they possess?


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I enjoy how you write! hat's great because its not something you normally see! Well done! I recommend reading this book and it deserves a lot of support so please read this


I enjoy how you write! You can defenitly improve but other than that the new perspective is totally different and that's great because its not something you normally see


the way you engage with your characters is amazing. I love the way i myself can have a voice in the story. You may need to add a bit more work with using other genders as well while writing as many other people will read it.


good stuff, i can see the amount of effort that you put into your writing! Maybe try adding more "suspense" and that can bring another viewpoint into the story! Hope this helps!


I enjoy the way you write and think you should continue to write! There are a huge amount of chapters that I can read and I think that is amazing!


I really enjoy your writing style, unlike many other writers. YOU have a different way of expressing emotion with all the characters. Never stop writing and continue to follow your dreams. Good luck!


I find your writing voice really different compared to other writers. That’s a good thing! This way of writing in a different perspective is a new way for the reader to engage in the story! Keep it up Just_Rache!


This is an amazing book, the development is really great. Although there are things you can potentially improve on, I personally think that the story just covers up the mistakes. Good luck <3


This is amazing, the story development is intriguing. I like the way you structured your paragraphs. There are little to no errors in you work! Keep it up!


very cool, i like this :) the story is very interesting although there are some errors but I think it's amazing. this work is very unique. unlike most others I have read


It's a unique find. I'm guessing the perspective of this novel is an experiment by the author and I find that fascinating. I'll be honest, I am not too keen at scrutinizing written text but I could not find any errors that disrupt the flow of the story. The story development aspect, I haven't read enough to properly rate. Still, as the reader is the main character, it is difficult to keep the reader perspective element. So I'd like to know how this goes. Update stability. It's a new book with 32 chapters. All in all. It's pretty interesting. I wouldn't say its the best since this isn't my type of novel but I think it's great nonetheless.


this is intriguing novel. I never have been talked by author like this. Really cool, who am I? well let the story teach us. Good work just_rache. Keep it Up ;)


The story is interesting and the characters are well described, however, there seemes to be quite a few grammatical and punctuation errors. Maybe working on those would make your book all the more better. Good luck on your book! 👍


The story narration is definitely something absolutely new, while the characters are well built. the story has potential while the writing needs a little more clean up.


wow. just wow. the amount of EFFORT that was put into this story. the amount of FEELING is just on another level entirely. i’m not sure where i’m gonna read something like this again 👍🏽 👍🏽


This book is amazing and I can't wait for the next chapters to come out. Amazing work author you should be proud of yourself and the work you put in.


Your writing style is really unique and uncommon (to me), so far I haven't read a book wuth that type of writing style. I see that your grammar is good for the first three chapters I've read but I think you need a little more work on punctuations (I have the same problem lol)


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