1 ***ONE***

Royalty pov

It was my last day in college and I couldn't be more happy. Don't get me wrong I loved the times I spent here but I just want to start a new chapter in my life, I'm currently at my apartment room getting ready to go to the new club that recently open with my best friend and roommate Victoria. Right now we are trying to pick an outfit for me.

" Hey Roy, what about this one" vicky walked out of the closet with a beautiful black short jumpsuit.

" I don't know Vicky, it's too short and definitely not my style"I said, looking at it skeptical.

"God Roy, stop being such a drama queen. Your 21 now, you need to go out meet guys and you can't do that if your dressed as a nun" she said." and besides it will fit you perfectly.just try it first,please"

"Ahh.... Fine" I took the clothes from her as I walked into the bathroom, thou we have been friends since diaper days, I'm still not comfortable standing naked in front of her.I must say the dress was gorgeous, I put it on and looked at myself in the mirror.it was tight, stopped at my mid thigh and shaped my curve nicely. I walked out of the bathroom to Vicky rummaging through my shoe closet. I forgot to say our parents are rich

"Found it " she said, pulling out a pair of shining high pumps, she tossed them to me " I don't know why aunt cara gets you these clothes and shoes when you don't wear them" she sighs.

"You know how my mum is" I said as I put them on and it fits me perfectly. While I went to put on my makeup which consists of Powder and mascara, Vicky was getting ready. When I was done I put my hair down and curled the end, After I was satisfied with my look I turned around from the mirror to Vicky walking in with a stripless red dress.

i got up from the chair to let Vicky do her makeup while I checked the time.it was 7:30pm.

"Okay, let's go. Can't wait to have fun" she said excited has she got up, I must say she looked good and her makeup was on point .

I picked my purse and car key, I wasn't sure if I was going to take any alcohol yet so I called a designated driver just in case we are drunk off our ass.

After finding an appropriate place to park, we got into the club. It was mine first time ever to go clubbing, I was only use to the dinner parties I attended because of my parent so I didn't know what to do. It was everything I imagined it to be, loud music, drunk ass people grinding on each other. I was dragged by Vicky to the bar to get something to drink then we move to the dance floor, dancing for hours with no care of the world as we had fun. We decided to rest a little bit which resulted us to go back to the bar to order another drink but before we could order, someone behind us spoke

"Hey beautiful, want to dance with me" we both turned and saw the guy was talking to vicky, from the looks of it she seemed interested, she turned to look at me with a pouty face she knows I can't resist.

"Fine you can go" I sighed.

" Are you Sure" she said with are eyebrows raised looking skeptical at me.

"Yes I am, now go before I changed my mind" I said jokingly.

" Okay, I will be back"

I turned back to bar to order a drink as I thought to myself 'this is going be a long night'...


I woke up exhausted , after Vicky came back with the guy Derek who I later found out was his name. The last the thing I remember was both of them trying to change my mind that I should loosen up a bit and we ended up having a drinking challenge of some sort.

I stretched my hands to sound of my phone with my eyes half closed as I picked up the call not bothering to check who it was.

" Hello "

" Hey sweetie, how are you"

" I'm good mum, good morning"

I heard the sound of chuckle as wonder what was funning

"It's 2:30pm in afternoon sweety"

I turned to the side of my bed as I looked at wall clock to see that it was really two in the afternoon.

"Went out last night with Vicky, I'm really exhausted"

My mom and I are really close so I tell her everything from my first crush down to my first kiss.

"I see Victoria is still the same" she laughed " can you stop by later this evening, your dad and I have something to tell you"

"Sure, no problem"

"Okay sweetie, love you"

"Love you too".

I ended the call and put my phone away, finally standing from the bed as I stretched my body walking into the bathroom to freshen up, after bathing and other necessities. I walked out with a towel tied around my body and head as I walked to closet to get a cloth to wear, I stood there for five minutes before deciding on a white t-shirt and sweats. I walked to the mirror removing the towel from my hair as I used my hair dryer when done I put it up in a messy ponytail. I walked out of my bedroom to the kitchen to find Vicky Sitting on the kitchen counter scrolling through her phone.

" Hey, how was your night" I asked while opening the fridge to look for what to eat.

" Ugh, I'm seriously hangover" she responded.

" I'm going over to my parents for dinner tonight, apparently they have something to tell me, do you want to come" I asked again

"Can't, I wish I could but already made plans with Derek tonight. I would go visit this weekend"

" Okay" I said as I took out left over mac'a'cheese of yesterday and put it in the microwave as I wait for it to heat up.

" But what do you think they want to talk about" she asked.

"Don't know, I'm kind of nervous. Dad's health hasn't been good lately, I just hope his okay " I responded, feeling a little bit anxious.

"I'm sure he is, it take more than that to bring uncle Patrick down.his one strong man" she said standing up to give me a hug.

"Thanks Vicky"

"Your welcome, now I've got to get ready for my date"

I took out the food from the microwave as Vicky went into her room to get ready. As I eat I couldn't help but wonder what the dinner was all about.....

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