His Bridal Slave{Mafia King's two faced Mafia Queen}
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His Bridal Slave{Mafia King's two faced Mafia Queen}


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What is His Bridal Slave{Mafia King's two faced Mafia Queen}

Read His Bridal Slave{Mafia King's two faced Mafia Queen} novel written by the author ophelia292009 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering romance. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A powerful mafia queen and billionairess lost her memories after an accident and become slave of the billionaire family.??? Love? Hate? Obsession? Rosette Matrion{Tang Ning} was a half Chinese half Italian girl.Who become a adoptive daughter of Billionaire family called Romero after her mother died and cut ties off with her twin brother and father's side family after her father married again with a woman who already had two children and treated badly to her. Rosette Matrion became Estelle Rosette Romero when she was 13.Now she is 29.Who is one of the heiress of Romero automotive group.She has one older sister and one younger sister{Adoptive} that she really get alongs with. Estelle became a Mafia queen who is two faced and really dangerous.A psycho mafia queen with dangerous obsessions.Also a successful businesswoman and an automotive designer. Estelle decided to go to China because of her business plans and unsure revenge plans towards her father side family. But unfortunately,she injured badly in cruise accident.She attend a night cruise party as business woman.Unfortunately,her enemies attacked her and exploded the cruise. Somebody saved Estelle but when Estelle woke up,she was at the hospital and lost her memories.A friend group sold Estelle to Auction.And Estelle getting sold to Mafia King aka billionaire ceo's family.And she become a slave of that family. And Estelle who has philophobia started to fall for {Li Sheng{Andrew Louis James}her master. Will playboy fall for the memory lost beauty queen Estelle? Will Estelle remembers her real life? Psycho Mafia queen x playboy Mafia King Successful heiress x Wicked heir I found this cover photo from google Credit to real owner English is not my first language so I am really sorry if I make mistakes I am new to writing novels and fictions so sorry I make mistakes I am really sorry that because of some phone errors,I can't post this novel anymore.Maybe a few months.I am thinking to post another novel instead.I am really sorry.And I will only post new novel once a week or maybe twice a week.I am really sorry.Bcuz of phone errors and my busy study schedule. I will post new novel and repost this novel after a few months with new dialogue but with same plot. I am going to post this novel again but maybe with new dialogues. I am going to post this novel on my new webnovel account start from chapter 2


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