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His Beautiful Fascination


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She didn't know, but her eyes captured his attention from the beginning. She didn't know, but her sweet smile almost made him stop breathing. She didn't know that she had been his fascination from the first moment he saw her. She didn't know and left him in despair. Thea Lark, a hard-working girl looking to retrieve everything that was stolen from her. She was prepared for a long battle alone, but... unexpectedly the one that she didn't think would help her, became her most powerful strength. "From when did you like me?" Thea asked the handsome man resting on her lap. "I don't know," he dared to say making her frown, "but..." he smirked, "I do know that you kept making me jealous when that bastard James Riot gave you that flower." "Wait, but that was when we first met, we were seven years old." "I know." DISCLAIMER: The cover is not mine, the credits go to the rightful original artist. Please contact me if you wish for me to take it down.


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