18 18 | Preparations


After a couple of days of staying in my condo unit, I finally came to a decision. Go back to the house. My friends attempted to change my mind and get me to stay longer. They didn't want me to go back to a place I'd get upset in. I appreciate it but I knew that I had to face him. Like other challenges thrown at me, I have to face them whether I wanted to or not. But they did send me home with snacks made by Sienna. Seriously though, she acts like my mom. 

I slowly opened the door of the dimly-lit house and stepped in. Everything was calm and quiet. The stillness of the air seemed to suck the sound of my footfall. "Sebastian?" I called out to him. 

I received no response. 

I continued to walk in the house. Still, it was empty. No furniture inhabited the unoccupied spaces. Soon, we would have to decorate. Climbing up the stairs, I wondered why Sebastian hadn't replied. Could he be asleep? Most likely. We wake up late. Usually around 9:00 in the morning. I climbed up the steps very quietly trying so hard so as not to wake up the grumpy guy probably sleeping in our bed. Gripping the doorknob tightly, I take a deep breath and open the door. To my surprise, he wasn't there. Where was that crazy bastard? I checked my wristwatch and it's 12:30, he's most likely at work. Well, I should enjoy my free time without hearing his voice. I placed my bag down and sat on the bed and as if I jinxed it, I heard the sound of a door opening and closing. The creaking of the door sounded like an animal in pain. I began making my way downstairs and saw him taking off his trench coat.

"Why are you here?" Sebastian asked.

"Cause I also live here," I answered. "Where were you?"

"In the 'why do you care' buildingʼ." He stared blankly at me.

I sighed. He can be sarcastic if he wants to, I keep forgetting. "No, seriously, where?" 

"Why would I tell you? You didn't tell me where you were, I'm only being fair." He passed by me and into our room. I scoffed. Now he's acting like a kid. 

I went back to our room and placed a hand on my hip. "Look, I'm sorry I was gone for a couple of days. I needed time to cool off."

"Yeah and a lot of shit happened in those days you were gone." 

"Like what?"

"Dad stepped down from his position as CEO." He lied down on the bed. "And these past months, we've been planning a fashion show displaying all of our fashion pieces with Chanelle."

Oh, right. I remember the planning of the fashion show. It's going to be his first show as CEO. He's been pretty busy the past weeks. "Is there anything I could do to help?" I asked. 

"You actually did your part. You designed most of those pieces," he said. "Which, might I add, look great." 

Huh, he could also give compliments. Only if he wanted to. Who knew this guy could be capable of such things. "Thanks," I said. "I still want to help though."

"You want to help?"

"Could I still help?" I asked.

"Yes, actually. I'm going back to the Plaza Hotel later to check how preparations are going." He sat up and crossed his legs. "Want to come with me?"

I nodded my head. "Yes." Finally, something productive to do instead of lying on couches and watching shows while stuffing my mouth with popcorn and other stuff. 

"I leave at six o'clock in the afternoon, you better be ready by then. If not I'm leaving you." He lied back down. 

"Hey, you still didn't tell me where you were this morning." I crossed my arms.

"If you didn't guess well enough, I was at the Plaza Hotel. The fashion show is a couple of weeks from now, better prepare." He placed his arm over his eyes. "Your turn."


"Where were you these past few days?"

"Oh, I was with Liam—"

"And you expect me not to suspect anything," he cut me off. "I wonder what you two did."

"Hold up dumbass, don't cut me off when I'm speaking. It wasn't just Liam," I chided. 

"Oh yeah? Who else?" he questioned. 

"Sienna King, my best friend from LCF," I answered.

"LCF?" he asked.

I groaned. "London College of Fashion."

His eyes visibly widened. "Sienna King?" I nodded as an answer. He removed his arm from his face and repeatedly mumbled Sienna's name. He gasped and sat up again. "The Sienna King? The girl who won the International Fashion Design Awards and the World of WearableArt Awards?" he extolled.

I gaped at him. He also knew about my friend. Well, she is a big name in the fashion industry. She's more or less considered a prodigy or something. I slowly nodded my head. "Yup, that's her."

"Why didn't you tell me? Where does she work?" he rapidly fired questions at me.

"First, cause I thought you didn't care about who she was. Second, she works alone." I sat on the edge of the bed. 

"Huh, I guess you do bring some good to the table," he mumbled.


"So where did you guys stay?" he asked, once again.

"My condo unit."

He shrugged and pulled the comforter up and closed his eyes. "Don't forget, six in the afternoon."

"Yes, sir."

After that, I didn't want to stay cooped up in our house with Sebastian who's loudly snoring. Our house was still bare so I've come to a decision to burn my time with Sienna after I changed my garments. I put on a white shirt topped with a grey checkered flannel and tucked the white shirt into my high waisted jeans. And I wore stilettos. I realised that the majority of my shoes are heels. They're for work, make me feel like I'm in power or something. It also boosts my confidence. I left a note on my side of the bed stating that I was going to Starbucks to meet with a Sienna for Sebastian to read. Time to go have girl time before the hotel. 

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