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What is Hinder-Rella

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Her mother is gone but she has her father. That is until he married again. With a new step mother and twin step sisters. They experience the ups and downs of daily life. From love, to work, getting ready for a debutante and being young that is until her father was murdered in front of their eyes. While her step mother's strange behavior gets worse as the days go by and under house arrest she finds out her lover is breaking their engagement to be with one of her step sisters?! See how the story of Olivia Steel, a smart, respectful, beautiful and little mischievous young lady story begins. Read about her encounters before the wheel of fate started and how she came to be Hinder-Rella. Can she be strong enough to keep her sanity, to not miscarry and bring justice for the family members who died? Or will she fall into the pit of despair and have everything literally ripped from her because of a mysterious curse?

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OK finally caught up to the recent chapter, yay :) So Here is my review of this novel, this is basically a homage to Disney fairy tales not the old gritty original version of the fairy tales but the kid friendly version of Disney. The story line and progress reminds me of Korean Dramas which by the way I personally like watching. The characters are fun and amusing to read as they somehow get into your skin. The update speed is superb for an original author in webnovel who by the way isn't getting paid. The world building is the weak link for me but who cares I'm more interested in the characters anyway. So overall this story is worth a read, you can even make it a bedtime story. :) P.S. As always thanks for the support Scarlettbunny. Also won the prompt by the way Adopted soldier wins. :)


Hello everyone who has been reading! Thank you so much for reading my work! I have never done anything like this before in my entire life and always dreamed I would get the courage to do so. I pushed myself to do it because of the writing contest but I honestly think I want to keep this work alive so I will do my best to upload chapets on a daily basis. 😁😁😁 I apologise for giving myself a rating but I would be happy to hear feedback.


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*Hey you reader! I recommend you to read this novel 🤣🤣* This review is made based on my first impression only as I'm still on chapter 7. Honestly I'm not a fan of the classic fairytales where the female MC needs to be saved by the prince charming or something. Idk if this is like that. but somehow, your novel felt me really intrigued. It got me hooked up and anticipate what would happen in the future. 5/5 The story is cool, original in its own way. Hinderella/Cinderella. With evil step mother and sisters in the future. I'm expecting it to become popular soon. 4/5 Characters.. is MC going to be bullied without much fight? Her father is overprotective, how could she be bullied? Well unless he dies? Or is he going to be super in love with the stepmother making him neglect his favourite daughter? The lady Masama.. (funny, "Masama" in Tagalog means "bad") her daughter was accidentally shoved with a cake and she already want to ruin the entire girls life? Is she just really too bad and unreasonable? Well atleast her character is really perfect for an antagonist. Just by reading a small part of her pov I already started hating her. The bff's are good. I decided that I love Blaire the most in this story. (Above questions.. were the ones that popped up inside my head while reading and comparing it to the old Cinderella story.) 4.5/5 Flow. The spelling and grammar are excellent. I had to reread some sentences again to understand what's going on. Maybe because the paragraphs are a bit long, kinda hurts my eyes that have bad astigmatism. haha but i really like how everything is so descriptive, I was able to imagine the scenes clearly in my head. Added it in my library, and I'll continue reading. I'll support it. Goodluck!! And keep up the good work!!


*Remember, this review is based on the first five chapters* Constructive Criticism: There are many things people could possibly say, of those, I honestly am without. I know that this work isn't perfect, but I cannot give any complaint with the exception of, "You ruined your godliness in chapter three."... Basically, this all sums up to, correct the error I spotted in chapter three, and I'll have no complaints.;,;. Positive Feedback: EVERYTHING Personal Feedback: I started reading this novel for the purpose of a review promised, and honestly, I would not have started it otherwise (I don't normally read many novels that don's have some sort of Isekai feel), But this one had me just wanting more the entire time I was reading. I don't run into many that do this, so this one is a keeper... to be kept in my library, and read later.;,;.


The book is very fascinating and oddly addictive for a world that hasn't been fully revealed yet. The characters are interesting and still mysterious, I like the assassin the most, I like to think of him as a ninja well I read but that's just me :D.


Love it! The only problem is there are never enough chapters lol! Other than that it’s a wonderful story and the characters are amazing. Great read! I was hooked from chapter two!


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Great story!!!!!!❤️ With so many twists&turns, thrills, romance and Drama!!!!! Most of the chapters kept me on the tip of d seat!!! Very well written author 👍


This is one hell of an amazing story. Excellent story plot that you wouldn't see what will be coming next! You will love all the characters as well. All in all, it is a very wonderful and great read! Again, thank you so much, dear author!!! 😘😘😘


The story is quite good and very interesting............ .... I can't wait to finish the story and thanks to the Author for putting something very good together


Scarletbunny knows how to reel you into the story. One of the best I’ve read so far! I love the way she wrote a new spin on a Cinderella type story. The wicked step-mother is the worst type of person there is.


I'm only at chapter 10 but this is definitely worth the read. It's even better knowing that this is a completed story, there's no clue hackers unless you have to stop reading!


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your writing skills got better and better. omg, i'm so envious. the plot is sooo interesting and for the scenes, i fell off my bed twice. which chapters were it again?


HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! At first I wanted to stop reading but then it got good and I got addicted to the story. I am in love with the story. I finished it and I don't regret it. Olivia was such a great character and her friends👌👌anyway I recommend it even tho it has a few words messed up it was worth it


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Really great story. There were minor grammatical mistakes but nothing that took away from the overall story. The storyline was interesting and fluid. Great job author 😊


As far as I have read, I find the plotline very much appealing, and keep up with the good work! There is some here and there mistakes, that will be fine with some proofreading. Other than that, it's well-written


Interesting story but not what this reader or was looking to read. The dark tones of the villainess were very disturbing and darkened almost every chapter. The ability to be seemingly omnipotent in spreading her evil made her seem like an OP demonic character. The villain's impunity until the end was horrible. What I found even more disturbing was the female leads willingness to visit her in jail and even introduce her children to her in a cathartic attempt to rehabilitate the villain and bring some type of healing for her step sisters. Seriously a murderess is not someone I knowingly want my children associating with. More sickening is that the villain was responsible of the murder of her two parents and multiple attempted murders of the female lead. Talk about casting pearls before swine. Ugh. I hope the authors next projects are a bit more balanced and less dark.


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