16 Seed Of The World Tree


WolfHeart's jaw dropped open when she and Zack stepped out of the portal. In front of them was a table with ten weapons, each having the mythological grade except one.

[ The Shield of Will (Epic): Where there is a will, there is a way. The stronger the will of the person is, the stronger the shield would become. ]

This was the shield that Zack could have chosen instead of Gugnir yet the lance had ruined everything. But standing in front of the weapons, he narrowed his eyes.

He looked at all of them while checking their details yet no matter how many times he checked, Gugnir was not amongst the weapons.

In its place was another lance that was myth ranked completely different from the blue-colored lance that the purple-eyed boy used to wield.

'Didn't the voice say that the only reason it was able to talk to me was because of Gugnir? Did he deliberately take the lance away this time?' Many thoughts were moving inside the boy's head yet he decided to put them aside for the time being.

His eyes instead fell on the thing that could possibly be one of the strongest weapons in Hikari.

[ Seed of the World Tree (???): ??? ]

Chastiefol was a spear made from the energy of the world tree. The world tree was something that provided the fairies and the elves energy.

It was divided into two parts, one being in the real fairy king's forest while the second one was in the sacred Moon temple in the elven territory.

But there was a seed of the original world tree when it had split into two parts. The seed however had been lost when the races of Hikari had an all-out war to see who would get the seed.

And that seed was currently lying on the table in front of Zack. He didn't look at the other weapons anymore as he went near the seed and touched it with his right hand.

[ Do you want to choose the Seed of the World tree as your reward? ]

"Yes." The seed then started glowing as it vanished and went to his inventory.

Zack then decided that he would use the seed later on as he turned to look at WolfHeart.

She didn't ask anything about his decision and instead looked at the weapons.

Her gaze immediately moved towards the bow lying across the nine remaining weapons and the mage could tell that she was tempted to choose it.

"Lin Fan, can I ask you a question?" WolfHeart suddenly asked as her eyes turned to look at the player who had been helping her the entire time.

"Sure, go ahead."

"What is the best way to earn more money after the global rewards are given?" She asked in a curious tone. She knew that her question was stupid considering how there was no in real-life currency change available.

But she had heard rumors that the four companies were trying to convince the united nations to allow currency exchange and if that happened, WolfHeart wanted to make sure that she earned the most amount of money possible.

"One good way to earn money is to clear dungeons and sell their cores in towns. They are useful in alchemy too. But if you want to take it up a notch and open up a business, you can start a guild." Zack replied as he went over all the popular ways of earning money he had seen. "I am just talking about the in-game currency of course."

"How are guilds equal to a business?" The black-eyed woman knew that guilds had a major effect in other games too but how could just having a guild be that effective?

"If a popular or high-level player starts a guild, many players would want to join it. However, if you manage to get some true elite players specializing in certain things, you can use them to run business with other cities and even the royal family."

The reincarnated teenager knew the person who had gotten the vibranium guild token and he hadn't been that famous of a player.

But when the special qualities of the token were revealed, players rushed forward to join his guild and he exploded through the rankings.

He had then set up trade with the royal family of his kingdom and a whole lot of other powers. He had recruited many alchemists for this very reason and had risen to the position of a billionaire in the real world.

And if WolfHeart managed to do the same thing, she would be a very powerful ally or rather, a very powerful friend. After all, the two had grown close in a few days that they could call each other friends.

"Are you in need of money?" Zack suddenly asked after finishing his explanation but WolfHeart hesitated to reply.

Zack could understand this feeling well since he had experienced the same thing in his last life. But now that he knew that he would earn money, he was a little relieved.

If WolfHeart managed to maintain her third position, she would earn 50 million dollars and if she rose to second place, that money would become 250 million dollars.

Even though the economy had changed a lot, 250 million dollars was still a whole lot of money.

"Yes…" WolfHeart whispered as Zack smiled.

"Guess we are the same in that aspect. I am also playing for money." He replied as the latter looked shocked.

She had thought that Lin Fan must have been a pro player but here he was saying that he was playing to obtain money.

"Do you mind telling me the reason? It's fine if you don't want to."

"Nah, I don't mind. I am gathering money for my sister's cancer treatment. It requires me to have 75 million dollars and that's why I am here." He replied as WolfHeart took a deep breath.

"I am an orphan who lives in an orphanage." She slowly began and avoided eye contact with Zack. "Our orphanage gets many sums of donations but the organization who takes the funds gives us no money. That is why I am trying to obtain money to make sure that the other children don't suffer as badly as me."

"You tried reporting to the government?" Zack asked with a serious expression as this was his first time hearing anything like this.

"I did that once and the organization nearly tore down the orphanage. The case is still ongoing and we are under the government's protection. That is why I am trying to earn money to free the orphanage from the clutches of the organization."

"That would require millions of dollars and after you are done, you will have to move far away to make sure that they didn't attack you or the ones at the orphanage. You do know that right?"

"I do but it's better. My childhood is already over but I don't want others to suffer like I did." She fell silent.

Zack on the other hand had experienced the same pain not once but twice. He could tell how it felt to be torn away from your family and without any funds to support yourself or relatives that had turned your back on you, you would find yourself at an orphanage.

And that is why he suddenly had a new plan in his mind.

"I can help you there." He said as WolfHeart suddenly looked into his eyes. She tried to think of something to ask but found that she had no words left to speak.

She could only stare at the number one player who was giving her a handsome smile.

"If you want to create a guild, I will guide you. You can make me the vice guild leader or if you choose that token, you can make me the guild leader alongside yourself." Zack then pointed towards a blue guild token lying amongst the weapons. "Do you want to form a partnership?"

This time, WolfHeart spoke and Zack could feel how happy she was from the smile on her face and the excitement behind her words.

"Of course I accept!" She then walked towards the pile and picked up the guild token as the smile on her face widened. "Let's create something glorious."

"And something that will earn us money," Zack added with a wink as both of them exchanged smiles.

It was that day that their bond became stronger. And it was also that day when one of the most fearsome alliances in the entire world was born.

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