19 Cheat Codes

[ Chastiefol (Myth):The legendary spear made from the power of the world tree. It was said that only the fairy king could wield this spear but there is another spear similar to Chastiefol that resides in the fairy king's forest. Can transform into eight different forms:

First Form: Chastiefol

Second Form: Daggers of sky

The other six forms are locked.

Special Ability: Locked

Special Form: Locked ]

As expected, many of the spear's functions were still locked however once unlocked, the true fury of the spear was unleashed.

Chastiefol had an upgraded special form called True form but that can only be unlocked after the first eight forms were mastered.

'I have a lot of work to do.' Zack thought with a sigh as he opened his inventory to see a new thing being there.

The item appeared to be a blue-colored jewel and when Zack clicked on it, the details became more prominent.

[ Memory Ball (Epic): Can be used again and again to store a set of memories. The previous set of memories cannot be overwritten and new memories can only be unlocked after releasing the previous memories.

Status: Full ]

'I should post a question on the forum asking whether playing this game can make you go drunk. I definitely don't remember getting this and that spear in the morning was something else…' Zack started rubbing his forehead as he pressed on the play memories button

[ Error ]

He then raised an eyebrow before trying it again.

[ Error ]

"Tell me what the error is for, you idiot system." He said with a sigh before deciding to leave it and instead focus on practicing his skills with Chastiefol.

WolfHeart was currently offline and there wasn't anyone else on Zack's friends' list so he decided to take up a quest.

There were several hidden quests in the entire game but most of them were locked to lower-level players.

But Zack remembered that there was a quest that unlocked after one reached level 15. The quest should get him some good armor since the one he was currently using was just rare ranked.

Though to an average player, a rare ranked armor would be worth a whole lot of money but to Zack, it was just meh.

But before doing that, he also remembered that he still hadn't opened the 10 mystery boxes he had received for creating one of the first 50 avatars.

[ Mystery box (Common-Myth) (10): Drops a random item between common and myth grade. ]

As the description said, the item could be random. There was a chance that Zack would end up with a common banana or a myth-grade armor. There was no knowing what would happen in such cases.

But since the rewards were free, why not use them? He might just pull out a myth-grade weapon.

[ Choose amount of boxes you want to pull

- 1 + ]

Zack quickly went ahead and removed all his armor and weapons before putting them in the inventory. He then rubbed his palms before pressing on the open box button. ]

[ Apple (common) ]

As he had expected, he got nothing.

He then went ahead and opened three boxes.

[ Orange (common)

Needle (common)

Small dagger (uncommon) ]

Now was the moment of truth, Zack opened all of his remaining boxes at once.

[ Shield Of The Protector (myth) ]

And Zack didn't read ahead. He instead did a dab and equipped all of his stuff.

He had played many games while being under sixteen and had discovered a certain set of cheat codes.

While opening such things, remove any in-game item you were wearing, and in the first two tries, use odd numbers.

After that, go ahead and use an even number and you had a 90% chance of getting something.

However, this thing didn't have any guarantees and you still needed a little bit of luck to fill the remaining ten percent.

Even though Zack had pulled out a myth grade, he was never going to use it. However, there were people who would buy the shield for a whole lot of money but there was another use for the shield.

He could get a good tank ally with the help of the shield but he knew that the person might be greedy. So he instead had another candidate in his mind.

'He should start playing the game in a few days.'

After the arenas were unlocked, there was a ranking that showed who were the top players in each job class, and in the tank rankings, there was a player that Zack had admired in his previous life.

The player had his name as 'little elephant' but he was not little, whether in-game or in real life.

Little elephant was the third strongest tank in the game but when it came to honesty, he might be the most honest person in the game.

He had good morals too and though they were annoying at some times, he was a good player. The reason Zack knew about this was because Ash's party has crossed roads with little elephant.

Ash had originally wanted to hire Little elephant as the team's tank and had even bribed him with large sums of money. However, little elephant had a special skill called judgment.

He obtained this skill in the temple of light and with this skill, he could see the purity of one's soul and the motive behind their actions.

Zack also planned to gain this skill but the more pure was the user's soul, the more powerful the skill was.

So if Little elephant was to use the skill, it would be twice as powerful if Zack used it. That is why the boy wanted to recruit him.

But in an interview, Little elephant had said that he had joined the game quite late and that too because of the money event.

But he had formed a good party and all of the party members were top 500 players while Little elephant had been ranked 100.

And this was why Zack wanted to get Little elephant before the other side.

In order to do that, he needed a strategy.


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