6 Ch. 6 Declaration of war







HERE HE IS… THE FORSAKEN ONE!!!!!!!!" The Colosseum of Wrath's announcer introduced as as a tall muscled man clad in form fitting black leathers and wearing a blank mask with no eye holes walked into the arena to cheers and boos.

-In the Royal Box of the Colosseum, where three of the four chairs are occupied.

"So he is the one I've been hearing about so much lately. Not bad for such a weakling to rise so far. He might even prove to be useful as canon fodder against Heaven." A short brown haired handsome man with grey eyes, wearing a fine of embroidered green robes any devil would recognize as Bidleid Beelzebub, the current Satan Beelzebub.

*Snort* A beautiful and voluptuous woman with long purple hair and orange eyes, wearing an erotically revealing dark blue dress which nearly allowed her endowments to spill out.

"I assume you have a better use for him then Tsufaame." Bidleid commented in response to her derision, revealing who all devils know as Tsufaame Tereaku Leviathan, the daughter of the original Leviathan and current Satan Leviathan.

"Of course. A toy such as him mustn't be squandered as mere canon fodder. Such a toy much be slowly enjoyed as one breaks him and brings him to heel before throwing him away." She explained with lust clear in her voice as she squirmed in her seat slightly from imagining everything.

"I am afraid I cannot give him to you Tsufaame. He brings me far too much money to squander as your toy." Interjected the final of the trio in the royal box of the colosseum.

He was a very pale man with angular but still handsome features, pointed ears and short cut black hair. The current Satan Beelzebub, Damaidosu Zereikel Asmodeus.

"What a waste then." She dismissively replied.

"Far too many feel affronted by the abilities he used to reach the title, going so far as to even to defeat one of those brutes from the Balams not too long ago." Commented Damaidosu, "But this is what makes so many people want to challenge him."

"You will let him fight once the war commences yes?" Questioned Bidleid.

"Of course, but under my name. He is mine after all." Damaidosu confirmed as he emphasizes his claim to his family's colosseum's champion.

-Back to the main attraction




HERE HE IS… LOMR!!!!" The excitable announcer screamed as the doors opposite of the forsaken one burst open to reveal a massive man standing a nearly three meter tall man with light blue skin covered in Nordic tattoos, shaggy shoulder length white hair, bright blue eyes and bulging muscles on his entire body.

If one bothered to pay attention, you could also spot the large number of scars on his body from either past battles or his captivity at the hands of the Satans.

"AAARRRGGH!!!!" Lomr basically roared as he came out of the gate like a true berserker.

The Forsaken One simply stood their and watched the blue giant rage around before finally seeing his opponent just standing there.

After a moments pause Lomr began running towards his target, as the current champion slowly walked towards the rapidly approaching giant of a man.

"GRAAAR!!!!" Lomr roared out as he jumped and lifted both of his fists in the air to smash appart the smaller man.

The audience held their breath in anticipation for the impact.


Immediately the arena sand was blown back from the impact as a small dust cloud rose and lingered, forcing everyone without any sort of sight or sense enhancement magic to wait for it it clear.

A few moments later they all gasped in surprise and awe as they saw the man with two giant bloodlines struggling to escape the grip the smaller one had on his wrists.

Then people realized that the champion had actually caught the attack itself and held his attacker there when they noticed the large cracks at his feet.

"ARGH!! URG! GRAAAH!!" The giant screamed as his mad desire to free himself did nothing to budge the iron grip of his opponent.

Then all of a sudden, with most people not even realizing what happened.


A loud crushing sound ring out followed by the giant flying backwards from the champion before he could even yell out in pain and crashing into the now dented wall of the arena.

"Uuurgh." The giant lowly grunted in pain as he tried to catch his breath but it just wasn't coming due to his diaphragm having been victim of a perfectly targeted front kick by his opponent.

The audience burst out in cheers as they saw such a display of complete dominance.

"FOR-SA-KEN! FOR-SA-KEN! FOR-SA-KEN!" They cried out as the champion impassively waited for his opponent to stand back up.

He would be far too disappointed if such a man could only take one actual hit to take down. Especially with his ridiculous lineage.

Then the champion felt the air getting colder as ice began creeping out of the dent and cracks behind the giant.

Slamming his feet as he stood back up, he loot out his greatest roar yet, causing his aura to unleash fully, rapidly chilling the air and freezing the ground.

The Champion simply raised a hand and signaled to bring it.

Without thinking about it for a moment, the giant burst forward with his powerful legs, leaving cracks in the ground behind him, and charged as he swung his massive fist, wanting revenge for the earlier kick.

Seeing his attack basically hitting already, the giant grinned savagely.

That was until he realized he hadn't touched anything a moment later and a foot was in front of his face.


Massive pain rang through the giant's head as his entire momentum was used against him in that roundhouse to the face, causing him to complete half a backwards rotation before the back of his head slammed into the frozen ground.

The Champion simply observed his opponent from behind his featureless mask before shaking his head and walking away.

The crowd knew what that meant. They had seen this scene time and time again when the Forsaken One essentially declared his challenger done.

In response, massive cheers erupted and the champions name rung out for half the city to hear.

That was until the champion suddenly stopped and turned towards his downed opponent, causing the crowd to silence immediately due to the irregular event grabbing their curiosity.

"Lomr… will…Not…LOSE!!" The giant man roared out as he seemed to have gained enough rationality to speak this time while standing up.

It was too bad his body just couldn't recover from the damage those two kicks inflicted with only willpower. Any experienced fighter could see his legs were weak and that he could barely keep himself up.

"Your will… it is strong. Rest now warrior." The champion spoke out as many grew excited.


ONLY FOUR HAVE HAVE EARNED HIM VOICE BEFORE AND TONIGHT WE HAVE THE THIRD WHO EARNED HIS ACKNOWLEDGMENT!!!!" The announcer hyped as the champion approached the giant casually.

He then seemingly disappeared and then reappeared extremely close to the blue man with a loud *Thump*.

The giant then slumped forward onto the champion, who then carried him personally out of the arena as a sign of respect for the only man to stand up after not just one strike, but a second as well. It had been three years since someone did that.

In everyone's excitement for whatever would come after the fight, it having been the grand opening to the Satans officially taking the office after basically running things for the last hundred years anyway, no one noticed the two combatants disappearing from the Colosseum. Even the Satans, mostly because it was a known fact that the current champion simply left after every fight. He only shows up when a challenge is announced to take it.

-Former House Flauros and Andras territory, unofficial House Azaroth territory.

The champion who minutes ago was on the other side of the Underworld appeared with his tag-along.

"Welcome back Master. I see you have brought another new member for the army." The cold head maid of the house Fia plainly stated.

"Heh, he's got spirit, potential and would probably appreciate a good place to call home." One Lith Azaroth, head and founder of House Azaroth and the lord of this territory no one knew existed outside those living in it.

"You wouldn't have brought him if he didn't master." She flatly replied as she gave the big blue man a once over before turning to the two maids behind her, "Please send for the healers to have a look at our new guest. I am sure Master wasn't gentle while 'testing' him."

With a silent bow, the bluenette maid on the left took her leave to do just that.

"Tell me when he wakes up alright. I want to have a proper talk with him." I tell her as she simply hums in acknowledgment and hands me some proper clothes for me to change in.

"Do you have any new arrangements for this evening Master?" She asked, keeping her perfectly controlled expression as I changed.

She had seen this scene far too many times over the years to still be affected by it, but the brunette maid who was still there had a healthy blush.

I was 6'5 (196cm), weighting in at 321lbs (146kg) of pure combat specialized muscles, with smooth chocolate colored skin, handsome face, enchanting eyes and wavy shoulder length plum hair kept in a loose ponytail. A big and more handsome version Sairoarg.

But answering her question, "No, I will be getting ahead on some work."

Nodding approvingly as I finished dressing me myself in a dark purple accented black shirt with a matching long coat, black pants and boots, with a purple cravat to finish the look. (Black and Purple are going to be his primary color)

It was essential to look the part in order to project authority and to reassure the citizens that I am not uncouth nor destitute.

Arriving at my office, I sat down in my very comfortable enchanted chair and began working as I went through everything I had done to prepare for what is to come soon.

For the was six and a half years I've been very busy after all.

My time in Lucifaad began rather simply, i brought in the owners of taverns, brothels and gambling houses into the fold and gradually gained control of vast sums of money and information throughout the city.

It was ridiculously easy to do if I was being honest. I just either made big enough splashes, requested to meet owners or made appointments, resulting in taking control of the owners and managers, then the employees so that nothing would slip through the cracks.

All of this allowed for the frankly ludicrous amount of money nobles and rich devils spend on these places to partially gather into my own pockets.

The second goal of the operation involving tracking the younger generations of the Satan houses like the heirs of the current Satans or notable members.

Such as the heir of Bidleid Beelzebub, one Balfaim Beelzebub, who I had gotten enamored with a very lovely prostitute exiled from the extra Belphegor family. I could have done this with Shalba, but his older cousin had much better potential and a stronger link to the Beelzebub power. I even went so far as to 'free' their fertilities to guarantee pregnancy, which happened three years after my arrival in the capital. Too bad he never knew she was pregnant since she 'died' soon after.

It felt nice almost completely breaking a man who had actually raped over 132 women, 12 of which were from Pillar houses, tortured a few hundred innocents because he could, and one time used his [King of Flies] to destroy an entire village just because he thought it would be fun. I made him experience actual love and made him lose it.

During that time, he placed my nails in the 8 corners of the rooms containing House Beelzebub's knowledge and wealth so I could know and control everything happening within when i activated them to form a separated dimension for the place. (8 corners include the ones on the ceiling to control the three dimensional space)

I did the same for House Leviathan using Tsufaame's heir, who happens to be the daughter of her sister, but with no forced pregnancy. If Ingvild is never born then I should still have Katerea to use as a brood mare.

And house Lucifer avoided things because I decided to be very careful around Rizevim. Even if he doesn't actually care about his son, he is still very intelligent even if psychotic. Plus I'd rather not mess with the chances of Vali being a thing.

The heir to House Asmodeus on the other hand, was giving a gambling problem instead falling in love with a prostitute. One where he would celebrate his victories boisterously at taverns and drinking establishments, coincidentally always picking up women for one night stands I had increased the fertility of. Who all just so happen to be from dying Pillar houses or some who had been defiled in various means and punished for it, thinking that having the child of a rich devil from an important house would at least let them become mistresses.

That last bit they will forget as those were just 'spontaneous' thoughts, replaced with desires of settling in a nice territory they had heard positive rumors about, later finding a nice devil to settle down with who will help continue the family line. As for the two who actually got pregnant, they will be taken care of personally and found outstanding partners they can have another child with.

I might be using these women but I'm not a monster. Plus keeping the fertility up for a while will help increase the number of devils and help populate my territory, all while helping couples get closer together. So beside the mildly non-consensual sex, I see this as wins all around.

Speaking of my territory, a year into my arrival in Lucifaad I actually amassed enough to begin building what would be my official fortress/home/capital in the future.

I carefully selected the abandoned territories of Houses Flauros and Andras, lands rich in natural ressources and plenty of areas capable of sustaining a lot of people. It was also far away from pretty much every other family due to the houses Flauros and Andras used to border going extinct or no longer being able to support their territories, allowing me to build an entire city away from everyone's attention, facilitated by my mastery over space allowing for mass teleportation of raw materials, workers and to conceal everything by setting up a barrier surrounding the entire perimeter of the future city.

To do this I had actually gotten those I had 'met' during my travels to work on things and hired a clan of Dwarves which had settle in the Underworld after being exiled from the Asgardian protected ones. In exchange for reinforcing my home and enchanting it, they were given a mountain range to shape as they saw fit as well as trading partners for food and foreign goods in exchange for mined goods and access to their works.

It took four years to built up the great city as people moved in and helped, or customized their properties, while also getting the economy started within the place as shops began sprouting up, farmers began settling and farming new fertile land, soldiers began patrolling the place to keep it safe alongside other groups I had recruited. By the time it was all done the population was over 30'000 and we had 28 villages and towns in different places around the main city.

It took so little time mainly because magic helps speed things up tremendously. I mean they built a house next to Issei's or renovated his in a day.

After that I began to rather aggressively gather devils from all over the Underworld to populate my lands, ensuring everything stays under the radar of everyone and not setting up any form of outside trade. Now it's actually getting closer to the 250'000 mark, with preparations already underway for an influx after the war.

Thanks to this I was able to focus on stabilizing while expanding my territory without any form of outside influence and with near absolute control as I set up towns around key ressources such as valuable species of trees, quarries, rich mineral veins, the lakes we had and where the soil was fertile.

I made sure these towns were safe as well by building defenses against beasts and bandits, while maintaining at least one military Barack in each one as well. The construction of a few forts to defend and control key routes and positions within the territory had also been essential, alongside the training of the troops into a proper military force. I made sure to free the necessary talents until after the war in order to speed up the process and possibly have my troops improve dramatically in actual combat.

This is actually where my time as a gladiator in the Colosseum shone. It allowed me to find warriors with strength, talent and experience ripe for the picking. Train them up and teach them to properly lead others while boosting their talents in leadership, tactics and war then you have officers. I do make sure to give them people with experience they can learn from as well, talent can only take you so far after all.

In total my military forces now stand at 50'000, not counting guards who can't be mobilized, with the weakest entering mid-class in strength soon. It might sound like a lot, but a good Ultimate could take on a few thousand on their own if they're careful, while a peak one could take on half of them if I didn't also have some low Ultimates working as Generals and high ranking personnel. Satans could just wipe them all out if someone isn't able to match them. And this is after I freed their talents. Shows how ridiculous the power difference between Classes really gets at the top. Good thing i can take on Satans.

The above isn't counting Heltana, who actually became the leader of her own independent force with her and her Huntresses traveling around the land and making sure no threats are left unchecked. She can even split her group up to cover more ground now that she reached 152 huntresses under her, the strongest actually reaching high high-class, while she herself managed to reach the border to mid ultimate-class. A truly impressive group she gathered by herself over the years.

My other servants have taken up their own roles as well.

Fia became the Head Maid, no questions asked. Teaching and supervising the staff needed to maintain the rather impressive castle we technically lived in now.

I say technically because I still live inside the H.A.H, but it is inside the castle. I feel much more comfortable in it than the castle. The castle is more for defensive purposes and future social obligations as a noble and whatnot.

Anyway, Fia also managed to reach peak high-class but can't seem to break that barrier without a real battle, something she doesn't seem very bothered about and I haven't felt the need for her to get any stronger than she is now. She can be quite scary with the strength she has now anyway.

She also made it a standard for any servant in the castle to be at least Mid-Class in strength to 'protect their lord with their lives should it be needed'. I think I made her a bit too loyal sometimes, but then I remembered that I actually took the loyalty boosters out of my original servants already.

Now Liora obviously became the Head Chef of the house. She also has her own greenhouse to do with as she wished. Her food will make those unused to eating it nearly orgasm now and her greenhouse is down right mystical.

She's also reached peak high-class in strength and is facing the same problem as Fia, but she's also fine with it.

She might have also gained the possibility to start dating one of the younger cooks working under her. He's a nice young man, which led to the servants and I looking forward to seeing if anything comes of it. I've got some bets on this stuff.

I'll also make sure he has no corpse if he hurts her, but that shouldn't happen. I checked.

Now Gila actually took a role as my Finance minister surprisingly. I helped her out by boosting her financial and numerical abilities by removing her boost in energy manipulation. She has her own guards and is at high High-Class in strength and still being the trickiest to fight. We also help each other deal with stress from time to time.

Meanwhile Sigil has been doing very well on his training journey, growing all the way to matching Heltana at the barrier for Mid Ultimate-Class.

He is now fully grown with a white coat, ethereal mane, crystal-like horn and starry eyes. Most of that is because of his affinities with light and space magic causing some minor mutations to help him channel his powers better. He's also kept some scars from 'worthy opponents' or as 'reminders', but nothing which seemed to have been near fatal at the time and he never did send any distress signal so I let it go. He's grown quite big as well, basically being perfect in size for me to ride, which I believe is the familiar bonds fault.

As for myself, well I am still in the Ultimate-class, just at the very peak of it. I'm waiting for a good opportunity or push to breakthrough. I actually stayed as champion of the Colosseum partially in the hopes of finding someone who can pressure me, even if I was holding back massively while there.

And I do mean massively. I barely used any kind of physical reinforcement in arena since my body itself reached the peak of Ultimate-Class. It also doesn't count the Touki I had finally unlocked through incredibly harsh training I put myself through to reach the point I did. Half the time I didn't even use any sort of martial arts, which I'm halfway through the golems necessary to say I am officially a Grandmaster in pure unarmed combat.

My mastery of [Space] is continuously progressing. I've been to the dimensional gap to understand different aspects and learning about my opposite of [Space]: Nothing. It would do good in the long run to learn how to create space within nothing, which would also create time, something I have also been able to learn to manipulate in much less depth than space, but the two are too intrinsically linked for someone who mastered space to not know of time.

As a result of my training, I believe I can fight either Serafall or Falbium to a standstill now, but not defeat them. Serafall should be able to counter my [Space] through her sheer power and mastery over Ice, while Falbium basically has an unbreakable turtle shell until I truly step into Satan-Class. Falbium is actually the least threatening to me due to his main offensive ability being using built up kinetic energy, but kinetic energy is rather useless against me if he doesn't use it at point-blank ranger and before I can teleport or phase through it, which I can do at almost a subconscious level.

Adding my Longinus to the mix, I believe I could defeat Serafall, Grayfia and the current Satans, but I am not sure if I could break through Falbium's defense and I am certain I can't take on Ajuka or Sirzechs yet.

But at least I'm ready to make quite the splash once things get rolling.

*Knock knock*

"Enter." I simply ordered as I came out of my thoughts.

Fia came through with her usual style, "The guest is awake now Master."

"Good, let's see if we can gain a giant shall we?" I say in a relaxed manner.

She doesn't really answer, but she does follow me to the infirmary.

"Please calm down sir! The potions are still taking effect and your bones haven't properly healed yet!" A nervous and hurried young man's voice could be heard as sounds of things falling followed it.

"He certainly is awake." I joked lightly but was met with an impassive audience in Fia.

Not feeling down, I opened the door to find the giant man trying to get up as a few guards and healers try to restrain him without hurting him.

"Lomr. Calm yourself. You're safe here. This is my home an these are my people." I sternly say to the giant which makes him snap out of his struggle.

"Lomr knows voice. Voice of man who beat Lomr." The blue man said as he stopped struggling and I signaled the healers and guards to leave us.

"Yes I am. And I'd like to make you an offer Lomr." I slowly said to the giant.

"What Devil-man want with Lomr?" He asked in confusion.

"I want you to became one of my people. Maybe join my warriors." I say in terms he should understand. I don't think he knows what actual armies are.

"You want Lomr to be tribesman?" The double ice giant asked in surprise and an odd amount of emotions in his voice.

"Yes I would. I believe you can become very strong Lomr and I want you in my tribe for exactly that." I told the giant honestly.

He then just started crying loudly right then and there.

"Buaaa!!! Devil-man so nice to Lomr!! Everyone say Lomr weak and stupid! That Lomr not real Jötunn! But Devil-man say Lomr can be strong! That he wants him in his tribe! Waaaaah!!" The blue man said between cries.

"Shhh shhh. It ok Lomr. You can show them all when the mighty Lomr makes his enemies tremble right." I say as I try to placate a crying giant for the first time in my lives.

"Devil-man so nice to Lomr. Lomr join Devil-man tribe. Lomr crush tribe enemy." He replied emotionally as he looked at me.

"Well then, I, chief Lith of the Azaroth tribe, welcome you Lomr. Hope we can get along." I say to him in a way I think giants do. I honestly have no idea.

"Lomr of tribe Azaroth greet Chief Lith!" He responded mightily as he pounded his own chest with his fist.

"Well met. Now I want you to heal so you can start getting stronger. The people who work here are healers, just listen to them and you can start getting strong sooner." I explained simply as he nods along seriously.

"Lomr listens to people and can get better faster. Then Lomr get stronger!" He said as he repeated what he understood.

"That's right. Now I need to go be the chief. I have a very big tribe after all." I say to the big guy with a satisfied grin.

"Oooh. Chief Lith is mighty!" He said with some admiration.

"I guess I am. Recover quickly so i can train you properly Lomr." I said as I took my leave.

"Yes Chief!" He yelled out as I exited the room.

'A simple guy, but I like him.' I thought with a small smile as I left to inspect some stuff around the city in person. 'He's not even upset that I kicked him in the face.'

I can actually feel everything that happens in it, which is slightly voyeuristic i admit even if it's mostly background noise to me unless something happens to make more 'noise' so to speak, but doing things personally improves my relationship with my people. I might ensure a level of loyalty through some brainwashing, but these types of actions truly engrave it into them and makes the loyalty much stronger.

As I was walking along more prominent streets however, Fia received a message and approached me with a much more serious atmosphere than usual.

"Master, some members of the Satan family ordered the deaths of every House member of those resisting the desires of the Satans to restart the Great War in Lucifaad. They also said to not care about innocent bystanders or collateral damage.

From the report, it was a massacre." She informed me as she kept her voice low.

"So it truly begins." I stoically responded.

"Your orders?" She firmly asked.

"Gather the generals, inform our spies to keep us up to date on both the Satans and those resisting, also inform the ministers that there will be a mandatory meeting. Not appearing will mean severe consequences." I ordered without wasting a moment, calling back Heltana and Sigil through telepathy.

"We prepare for war." I said aloud as I teleported us back to the castle.



First order of business the Houses of the original Satans.

I decided to have the direct bloodline of Satans Beelzebub and Asmodeus under Lith, but they won't become peerage members. I'm thinking more generals for now.

I also, beyond the Satans from the original houses who led their faction, there's little to no info on other members and who would actually be next in line as their successors, while Katerea, Shalba and Creuserey were never said to either be direct descendants or the heirs of the previous Satans, so I just made my own. They were also a bit too weak to be the direct descendants in my opinion.

Next is his territory.

He made sure to basically envelop the in-progress city in a barrier which puts it in a separate space, while appearing that nothing is happening there, on top of being in the middle of abandoned territories no one should even be paying attention to and making sure no one was seen traveling there. He also made sure to spread out the locations new settlers come from and their timing, while also bringing large group together from time to time.

As for his population reaching 250'000 while his military stands at 50'000, think that's pretty reasonable for a race who supposedly lost billions during the Great War and was still sporting 32 or of the original 72, which should mean that there are still at least a few hundred million devils. It's just that they too weak are top-class fighters are what actually secures their race, the rest fight the smaller threats like beasts, low rank enemy soldiers and each other. Also this is over years.

And finally we have the start of the Devil civil war.

There's really not much in the way of details, just about the four major battles in it and how the original Satans were killed, with how Grayfia ended up with Sirzechs as well. So I'll probably be make some stuff up if I want to stretch out the war a bit.

Hope you guys can enjoy.

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