High Tech System
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High Tech System


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What is High Tech System

Read High Tech System novel written by the author Harly_Boy on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering reincarnation, action, adventure, system, advancedtechnology. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


(my first novel and I'm not native English so please go easy on me :) All of my work will become free but if you would like to show some love you can check out this link here https://www.patreon.com/harlyboy The novel moved if you are interested where join the discord!! If you would like to ask some question you join this discord https://discord.gg/QgC8WuX9 high tech system is moved to ringdomstory https://www.ringdomstory.com/novel/yeKhz3pAj6DCzUf3k89dSQ%3D%3D-High-Tech-System.html


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The novel has an interesting premise. It's a cultivation world but the MC fights using modern technology. Right now, it's not sure if the MC will also cultivate but I think it will be a good idea to not make him a cultivator and just rely on his high-tech arsenal. I really want to know how the author will unfold this fantastic combination of eastern fantasy and modern technology! Well, as a person who is also not a native English speaker, using Grammarly really helps me. You can consider using this application to assist you in your writing. Good luck in writing your novel!


A really really really really really good novel for me at least, lol I always like the idea of technology against magic, but this novel sure is slow pace I mean the other high tech novel already use mechanical robot but his novel still use manual sniper rifle ? but that's fine at least it does have technology because that's what I'm' here for lol XD


Very good for a first time author, technology vs magic stuff is my jam so i expect a lot from this novel i hope you can update more because i really want to read more.


While your writing quality isn't quite there (you can always get an editor), the story is interesting so far. You have an interesting plot, and it will be cool to see where you will go with this story. How will technology change a world of cultivation? How will the main character change the cultivation world with his technological assets? I'm looking forward to it.


Reveal spoiler


Love the story. The concept of technology and cultivation together sounds fun. Just an idea but I hope the mc will be able to combine these two things into one. Like a machine that can help with cultivation. Or a machine that helps with pill making (which obviously will put alchemist in that world to shame because mc can mass-produce the pills) I am not sure if you will go this direction but I have high expectation for this because I see a lot of potential :D


The amount of detail in this novel is superb. Kudos to the author for doing their research. I think the plot is interesting, and has a nice original spin on it that sets it apart from other novels. I like how the characters motivations and personality is set out early on, too. It really helps draw you in. Great work author. My only critique would be that the grammar is occasionally a bit off, but other than that, fantastic!


The author did his research before writing the novel which is a big plus. The way technology is described and inserted into a magic world is really good. Apart from a few grammatical errors, the book is definitely good and the world is bound to develop in an amazing way. Keep up the good work. :D


the novel is good, the writing is not bad, I really recommend this novel, for those who like technology vs magic and stuff, I mean it doesn't there yet but I predict it will be from the way the story goes, what I see is the author is really working hard in this especially the research side, the weapon and it's history is real, cuz I try search it up on google but maybe the author should spend less time on that, because it's fantasy so the author can just add something imaginary to complement it.


the story is good I only see 1 mistake in writing but that is not a problem since you are a first time keep up the good work I expect a lot from this story. In the end, you should write this not thin


The story is so good, the author clearly had done his research like that obsidian knife thing i search it on google and its really sharp but get dull fast just like in the novel but the author add special thing to remove the flaws which is very awesome to me.


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