4 What an Attitude!

They were eating their lunch while talking and Anna's eyes landed on a certain person who was constantly staring at her.

There he was, sitting quietly and a girl beside him giving him a massage on his shoulders. Well, he was like that. Nothing new of him but Anna did not know why is he staring at her like this?! 'Is there any reason for it?' Anna thought.

Afraid of being caught, she shifted her attention back to eating her food. But she was unaware that her stare was noticed by Alex from the start. He had taken a look at her since she entered the canteen.

After eating her lunch, Alena went to the restroom leaving Tia and Anna behind to talk. But Tia can't help but talk arrogantly at this moment too, not like Anna's care.

"Anna, do you know that my family is going to London in the coming vacations and my brother is also ready to go to college there." Tia boosted happily, rather more it was a show off in front of Anna. No one knew from where Anna came, for everyone she was just a middle-class child, raised by a single mother.

"Well, it's good. Bring me something too." Anna calmy and simply replied.

"Yeah, will see if I got time there to shop for you." Said Tia walking towards her class leaving Anna behind. 'What an Attitude' thought Anna to herself and she walked towards her class and suddenly she heard some voices coming from one of the classrooms.

"Isn't this classroom mostly closed, then who could be inside at this moment?"

Being curious she went outside that door and saw none other than a girl and boy's back facing her. Instead of disturbing them she ran into her classroom and silently sat on her bench.

"Hey were were you?" asked Alena

"Ohh just roaming. Go on your seat class is going to start." Anna did not want to talk about what she saw just now.

As the Physics class was going on but Anna's mind was somewhere else. She wasn't able to concentrate on the work and the things that her ma'am was explaining.

'Those brown cold eyes, that jawline, his posture...why the hell I am thinking about that guy Alex..hush hush no more thoughts.' 

Chalk brought her back into reality when she was a teacher taking her name." Anna, where are you lost?" asked the Physics teacher loudly in front of everyone. She looked around and lowered her head.

"Sorry, ma'am."


Anna sighed in relief.


After school, Anna went straight to her home. Opening the door, she saw her mother sitting in the drawing-room and talking with someone. Not intending to disturb her she went to the kitchen in search of snacks. Although her mother always kept things in the kitchen, snacks are hidden most of the time.

"You are Back." Anna suddenly heard her mother from her behind. Now she knew, her mum caught her red-handedly while searching for snacks.


"An baby, I know you are a good student and always do what is right but you need to live also. You can't be such a good person and miss out on all those fun of teenage." Said mother Marrie after passing her the snacks she had hidden in the lower cabinet.

"Mom not again." She doesn't want to listen to the same lecture. It has been so long but the same things.

"I am right you know this very well.'

"But I can't have fun. I don't know how to have all this fun. I'm not interested in all those." 

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"But…." Cutting Mother Marrie's words, Anna spoke

"I am going into my room no need to disturb."

Anna went into her room and slammed her door.

Anna sighed, she knew her mother was thinking for her betterment but she can't change herself now. T least after whatever happened in past, it was more likely an impossible change.

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